Knitting Cap

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For knitting this hat, I used 
ESTATE 100 cotton, 125 meters by 50g. and 3.5 hook for orange 
SILKE CABLE 4 - 205 meters per 100g. and 3.5 hook for the blue cap. 

1. Making a loop. 

2. It has 6 posts without scroll of the sc - tighten. 

3. We continue to knit in a spiral without closing the rows -12 sc, 2 in each loop of the previous row. 

4.1SBN 2SBN 


6 series and later continue to knit by the scheme (councils Marina Arkhangelsk) 

Continue to knit until the desired diameter (diameter = head circumference divided by 3.14), in this case I = diameter 15cm 

Next knit without of increases, to the desired height, in my case 8 cm.

The base of the cap is ready, proceed to the fields. We tie them separately and then sew them to our ready-made base. 
1. Recruit a chain of about 13 years. loops. 
2. Tie up the columns without nakida. 
3. Knit for the rear loop. 

4. We change the thread to pink and knit this row for both loops 

5. We knit for the back loop. 
6. We change the color and continue to knit the following rows in the same way, it turns out that such an accordion, we 

knit until we reach the required length, which can only be determined by fitting to the base. 
Ready to sew a strip of fields to the base. 

This photo shows my first unsuccessful attempt to sew the fields, I sewed 2 loops of the fields to one loop of the warp;

I ripped and sewed again, but not so often, 2 loops together, then an ode and one, then again 2, and so on. Here is the result of the field are beautiful. 

The next step is knitting a ribbon. Its length is also determined by fitting. I knitted it with unfinished columns, and then sewed it to the base with ordinary stitches. 

Here we sew a bow and a hat is ready. 
We knit a bow like the fields, we collect them in the center.

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