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I quote completely:

"Height 28cm, I was knitting 100% microfiber 100gr-230m with threads, hook is Japanese number 0. The 
description is not mine, found in tenth hands from some old German magazine. It 
will need threads: 
gray 50g, peach 100g, a little green, black, white , thin mohair (100gr-450,500m), a pair of beads or eyes, ready-made glasses or wire, decorative satin ribbons and butterflies.

Head (in gray) 
1p. -6pst in the ring (6) 
2p .- (appr) to the end (12) 
-Right 4p .- (1stbn, appr.) To the end (18) 
6p .- ( 2stb, surf) to the end (24) 
8r.- (3stbn, surf) to the end (30) 
10r .- (4stbn, surf) to the end (36) 
14r. .- (5stbn, surf) to the end (42) 
15-21r. - directly 
22r .- (5stbn, ub) to the end (36) 
23r .- (4stbn, ub) to the end (30) 
24r .- (3ybn, ub) to the end (24) 
25p .- (2stbn, ub) to the end (18) 
26P .- (PTBs, ub) to the end (12) 
27R .- (UB) to the end (6) 
to pull !!!

Hands (gray) 
1p. -5stbn in the ring (5) 
2p .- (prib) to the end (10) 
3p. -Prib, 3stbn, prib, 3stbn, prib, 1stbn (13) 
change the color to the color of the dress (peach) 
4-6 pp. - straight (13) 
7-14 p. - prib, 5stbn, ub, 5stbn (13) - bend of the handle at the elbow 
15-16 pp. - straight (13) 
17 pp. -Stbn (ub) to the end (7) 
pull off

(can with fingers: tie fingers

1р-6стбн in ring

2-5r -6stbn (possible and 4 rows then there will be fewer fingers) 
then connected the fingers of 1finger -3stbn, 2nd -3stbn and the third turns out 6stbn then on the 2nd finger 3stbn and 1finger - 3stbn (18 loops) and in a circle 2-3 (as you like) then turned down (1b, loo) 12 stitches and knit further like Lena’s, and 4 simply sewed a finger 

The body (in gray) 
1 p. -6 pst in a ring (6) 
2 p .- (prib ) to the end (12) 3 
p .- (stbn, prib) to the end (18) 
4 p. ) 
5р .- (3стбн, surf) to the end (30) 
6р .- (4стбн, surf) to the end (36) 
7р .- (5стбн, surf) to the end (42) 
8-15р. Directly 
change color to color dresses (peach) 
16R .- (5STBN, UB) to the end (36) 
20R .- (4STBN, UB) to the end (30) 
24R.- (3STBN, UB) to the end (24) 
25-28r. straight- 
29R .- (2stbn, ub) to the end (18) 
30r. straight- 
31P .- (PTBs, ub) to the end (12) 
32p .- (UB) to the end ( 6) 
pull off

color shoes 
chain 8vp. 
1p.-6stbn, 5stbn in one loop, 6stbn, 3stbn in one loop 
2p.-7stbn, 3 prib, 7stbn, 3prib 
3r.-7stbn, prib, stbn, prib, stbn, prib, stbn, 7 tbn, prib, stbn, Prib, stbn, prib, stbn 
4-7r.-straight (32) 
8r.-7stbn, ub, stbn, ub, stbn, ub, stbn, ub, stbn, 9stbn, ub, 2stbn 
9r.-7stbn, 4ub, 9stbn , ub, stbn 10p 
-5stbn, 4ub, 7stbn, ub 
11p-5stbn, 2ub, 8stbn (15) 
change the color (on gray) 
12-30 pp. right (15) 

We sew the legs not too far in front of the mouse to sit well (express ass), a little granulate can be poured into the body. We sew handles and head with a thread mount.

Ears (in gray) 
chain of 9vp 
1p.-4stbn, pstsn, 2tstsn (stsnst, 5tsts2n, stsn) in one loop, 2tstsn, pstsn, 4stbn (21) 
2r.-4stbn, pstsn, 3stsn, 5prisn, 3snn, 3snn, 4stbn, pstsn, 3stsn, 5pribn, 21stn 3n. 4tbn (26) 
3r.-row of stbn (26) 
without tearing the threads, fold the eyelet in half and grasping both halves of the ear, knit 4 cone, Art.

now let's tie the spout (in black) 
1p. -6pst in the ring (6) 
2p .- (appr) to the end (12) 
3p.-4p. -right 
5p .- (ass) to the end (6) the 
shape of the spout can be increased with the help of privavok, ie 3p .- (stbn, prib) until the end, if my option seems to you to 
fill in a little , pull it off, if you have a suitable size bead, then you can wrap it around, I did it like that, and then sew or glue it to the little face, only do not sew at the very end, and retreat a few rows, the photo also shows it all.

Skirt (peach color) we 
collect a chain of 54 VP and close the ring 
1p .- (5stsn, prib) to the end of 
change the color 
change the color 
change the color 
change the color 
change the color 
change the color 
change the color 

Attention! Pay attention to the alternation of STSN and STBN !!!

If details are connected from different densities of threads, then try on clothes on the mouse and drive the 

Girls, another advice: if you knit a toy with a large number of shades, then before starting work, collect all these balls into a heap and look at the overall color range, it should be harmonious and use better threads of the same brand

Apron (white color) 

dial a chain of 17vp (knit back and forth) 
10 rows STS 
11R.-UB, STSN.V every loop, 
KILL 12R.-3tstsn vm, SSTs in each loop, 3stsn vm  
13R.-3stsn vm, 5snsn, Step 3, tear the 
thread, attach the thread in the upper corner and tie only the rounded part (do not 
tie the waist) 1p.-stbn into each loop 
2.p.- ((stsn, vp, stsn, vp, stsn, vp, stsn) in one loop, skip the loop) until the end 
in the upper corners we knit the chains from the rip or we tie ribbons (for ties) 

Hat (in green) 

1 p. -6ctb in the ring 
2p .- (approx.) to the end (12) 
3p .- (stbn, approx. ) to the end (18) 
4R .- (2stbn, app.) to the end (24) 
5р .- (3стбн, прир.) To the end (30)
6-9 pp. - straight 
10p .- (4vp, stsn) in one loop, (stsn, vp, stsn) in one loop

Shawl, knit from thin threads, so that it is light and plastic 

1p.-7tsnsn into the ring 
further knit back and forth 
2p. -2tstsn in one loop, vp, stsn, vp, stsn, vp, (stsn, vp, stsn, vp , STSN, VP) in one loop, VP, STSN, VP, STSN, VP, 2 STSN in one loop 
further to the 14th row of knit, adding in the beginning, middle and end of each row, each row is obtained by 4 STSN more 
15p .-row stbn 
16R.-bind the fringe or tie one row of elongated loops.

Twist the points from the wire, make knitting needles from toothpicks, to put beads on the tips, you can paint the needles with acrylic paint, tie the sample first on thin needles, and then transfer it to toothpicks, do not bind with toothpicks, they make the hair pile of threads, make teeth from a short piece of satin ribbons (see photo), you can make more mustache under the nose. 
Well, our mouse is ready, it remains to put it on a high chair or just on a shelf, or you can give it to lovers of knitting. "


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