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The toy is made in mixed technique. The body and spout are connected in a circle on 4 knitting needles. Ears - on 2 spokes. The feet are made by the method of winding the threads onto the wire. 

It matches the face, the ears - garter stitch. 
The size of the finished toy is 12 cm.

Persons. = facial; 
Ext. = purl; 
Arr. = increase (we tie the facial first at the front, then behind the back wall); 
ub. = 2 Facial tie together; 
R. = row; 
n. = loop; 
hosiery knitting - odd rows knit with facial loops,  
even rows - with purl; 
garter stitch - all loops - facial.

Necessary materials:

4 knitting needles, suitable for your yarn. For toys, I recommend taking the spokes thinner than indicated on the thread label. For the toy I used knitting needles number 3; 
white (in the master class) yarn - for the head and trunk, any color - for the ears, tail and paws (I used mohair); 
stuffing (holofayber); 
a long needle for assembly; 
a marker for counting rows (you can use a banal clip); 
for eyes 2 small beads (I used black marbles); 
wire diameter 2-3 mm; 
glue "Dragon"; 
pliers, cutting pliers; 
Velcro or pouch for combing. 
I always knit around, this avoids ugly stitches.

Head and trunk

Knit one detail. 
Type 9 loops. Distribute to 3 spices and start knitting in a circle. Be careful not to twist the hinges. Place the marker at the beginning of the row. 
1p. Approx., 2 persons (3 times) (12 items); 
2p. Approx., 1 person (6 times) (18 items); 
3p. Approx., 2 persons (6 times) (24 points); 
4p. Approx., 3 persons (6 times) (30 items); 
5-19r. 15 rows (30 items); 
20r. Уб., (15раз) (15 items); 
21-23r. 3 rows of faces. The edges (15 points) - the formation of the neck; 
24r. Approx., 4 persons (3 times) (18 items); 
25-34p. 10 rows (18 p.) - the body; 
35r. Уб., 1л. (6з) (12 items); 
36r. Losses (6 times) (6 points). 
Add the holofiber. Tightly stuff the part. 
Cut the thread, stretch it through 6 loops and pull it together. The end of the thread is hidden.

Formation of face

The whole process is displayed step by step in the photos. The thread is wrapped around the neck thus dividing the head and trunk. We make suits.


The tail is embroidered this way, as shown in the photo (French knot).


Dial 12 loops. Spread on 3 knitting needles and start knitting in a circle. Be careful not to twist the loop of the row. 
1-2p. 2 faces of faces. (12 points); 
3p. Уб., 2лиц. (3 times) (9 points); 
4p. Face loops (9p.); 
Cut the thread, stretch it through 9 loops and pull it together. The end of the thread is hidden. 
Sew a spout. Sew eye-beads or glue marbles (halves of beads) to the places of the weights. We embroider the brow, the smile.

Ears (2 parts)

Knit on 2 spokes with garter stitch. 
Type 4 loops, as shown in the photo. Next, we take the colored thread, in my case - turquoise, and we sew the loops with the facial. There are 4 loops on the spoke. 
2p. Face loops (4 p.); 
3p. Approx., 2 person., Arr. (6 points); 
4-11p. 8 rows of garter stitch (6 points); 
12r. Approx., 4 person., Arr. (8 points); 
13-41p. 29 rows of garter stitch (8 items); 
42r. 1p.snat, 4lic., Ub. (7 points); 
43r. 1p.snat, 4lic., Ub. (6 points); 
44r. 1p.snat, 3l., Ub. (5 items); 
45r. 1p.snut, 2lic., Ub. (4 items); 
46r. 1p.snat, 1lic., Ub. (3 points); 
47r. 1p.snat, ub. (2 items); 
48r. Уб. (1 item). 

Cut the thread, stretch it through the loop and pull it together. The end of the thread is hidden.
Similarly, perform a second ear.

We make paws
Cut two pieces of wire for the paws. 
For the upper - 14cm, for the bottom - 21cm. 
Wire through the trunk. Next, we work with glue (I use the "Dragon"), apply the glue on the wire and wind the yarn on it, as shown in the photo. 
The ends of the threads are drawn out and fixed by a double knot. We hide the thread inside the trunk. The upper legs are ready. 
Lower do the same. 
We bend the legs along the trunk. Next, we twist the limbs with pliers. 
Bunny is ready! I hope you enjoy the result.

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