Flowering Pear Amigurumi Tutorial

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Necessary materials:
1. Yarnartzhinshlopk / Acrylic yarn, you can take another, close in composition and thickness of the thread, yarn. In total five shades, plus black for registration of the face are required.
2. The filler was hollowed and sintered.
3. Hook number 2 or convenient for your yarn.
4. Needle with a wide eye.
5. The eyes will be knitted, but if desired, you can take the beads or on a secure mount.
6. Pvc soft 25cm wire (if desired)
7. Insulating tape or tape to fix the ends of the wire.
8. Scissors
Ka ring amigurumi
sbn-column without crochet
cc-connection bar
pr-addition -2 sbnv one loop
уб-убавка -2 сбнвме
crochet half-loop

1p) Green color 6sbn in kA
2p) 6sbn
3p) (2sbn pr) 2 times = 8cb
4p) 2 additions from pss, 6 sbn = 10sbn
5р) (3сбн уб) 2 times = 8сбн
6р) (2сбн уб) 2 times = 6сбн
7-8p) 6sbn
9p) 5bn = 7cbn
10p) 6sbn pr = 8cbn
11р) 7сбн пр = 9 сбн
12p) 8sbn pr = 10sbn
13p) change color to brown and knit by the rear wall 10sbn

14-22p) 10sbn In the 13th row, attach the green thread to the front half loops and we knit a collar to gloves on three sbvv each half loop. When using the wire, the handles are not packed yet.

Legs: Green color 1p) 6 volts. ; in the second loop from the hook: 1 pr., 3sbn, arr. in the last loop of the chain; further we knit along the second side of the chain: 3сбн, приб = 12сбн 2p) pr, 3sbn, 3 addition, 4sbn, pr = 17sbn 3p) 2 arr., 5sbn, 3prib., 6sbn, pr = 23 sbn 4p) We send a series of connecting loops + 1 lifting loop. 5p) We fetch 23 sbnza loops of the previous row, it turned out to climb the boot

6p) 23sbn + 2 sbdlya alignment, move the marker. 7p) 8bn, 4x, 7sbn = 19sbn 8p) 8sbn, 2 decreases, 7sbn = 17sbn 9р) 8сбн, decrease, 7 сбн = 16сбн 10p) 7sbn, 3ssn with common vertex, 6 sbn = 14sbn 11p) 6sbn, 3dsn with a common peak, 5 sbn = 12 sb 12р) 12 сбн Here you can make the stuffing of the boot. 13p) change color to brown and knit 12sb for rear half loop

14-23r) 12sbn In the end, we cut the thread. We fill only the boots. In the 13th row, we attach the green thread to the front half loop loops of 3 sbn each loop. Yulia Sinakova Body: 1p) 6 sb 2p) 6 pr = 12sbn 3p) 1sbn pr = 18sbn 4-5p) 18sbn 6p) 2sbn pr = 24cb 7-10p) 24sbn 11p) 3bn np = 30cb 12p) 30sbn 13p) we knit our hands, we knit along the body, then 5 sbvvm together with 5-yupetlyami arm, then 10sbn, and again 5sbn together with 5 loops of the second hand, then 5bn.

14p), we continue to tie our hands, 5sbn, then 5sbn together with the remaining 5th hand loops, 10sb, 5sbn, along with 5 loops of the second arm, 5bn. At this stage, insert the wire and slightly weighed filler.

15-16p) 30sbn 17p) 4sbn pr = 36cbn 18-19p) 36sbn 20р) 2снн пр (12 times) = 48сбн 21p) 48sbn 22p) 2sb pr (16 times) = 64sbn 23-24p) 64sbn 25р) 17сбн, 2пр, 30сбн, 2пр. , 13 сбн = 68 сбн 26-30r) 68sbn 31р) 18сбн, 2 уб, 30сбн, 2 additions, 12 сбн = 64сбн 32р) 2сбн уб = 48сбн 33р) 2сбн уб = 36сбн 34р) 4сбн уб = 30сбн 35p) We knit the legs -11sbn, 5sbn with the foot, 1sbn, 5sbn with the second leg, 8sbn = 30sbn

36р) 3сбн уб = 24 сбн 37р) 2сбн уб = 18сбн 38p) 1сбн уб = 12сбн 39p) 6ub = 6sbn We pull the hole. The body is stuffed in the course of knitting.

Flower: Petals 5 parts 1p) 5b.p from the 2nd loop from the hook, apr., 2sbn, 3sbn into the last loop, and on the other side of the 3sb. = 10sbn 2p) 2pr. , 2 scales, 3 increases, 2bn, arr. = 16sbn 3p) ( * 2 times, 2sbn, (1sbn, pr.) * 3raz, 3sbn, pr = 22sbn 4p) (2sbn, etc.) * 2 times, 2sbn, (2cb, etc.) * 3 times, 4sbn, pr = 28sbn 5p) 28sbn plus 1sb for alignment 6p) 3сбн, turn 1в.п, 3сбн, turn 1вп 3сбн. ss. Crop thread.

Stamens: 1p) White color 5сбн в ка 2p) 5 increases = 10sbn 3p) Claret color 10v.p, then from the 2nd loop from the hook we knit 2pcc into one loop, then 7c along the chain and 1ss into the initial column, then repeat the stamen 1 more. After the last stamen, draw the string in the middle of the circle and tie the central stamen. Leaflets: 1p) 12 volts. , then in the 2nd loop from the hook we knit 10sb, 2prib. in the last loop and along the second side of the chain 10сбн. 2p) arr., 9sbn, 4prib, 10sbn 3p) 3pss in one loop, 11sbn, 6 increments, 8sb, 3c. 4p) 2ss, 1v.p, 7ss, 5sbn, 15pss, 3sbn, align the row, do an imitation of the column without using a needle. The leaf is sewn to the pear by the wide side

Receptor with sepals: 1p) 6bb 2p) 6 addition = 12sbn 3p) 1sbn = 18sbn 4p) 18sbn 5p) 4p. and on them we sew in the 2nd loop from the hook 1sbn, 1 pcn, 1ssn, ssv from the same loop from where the chain began, then 2bits again we repeat 4v.p. etc. It turns 9 sepals.

Eye: 1p) 6bb 2p) 1approx. from sbn, 4 additions from pssn, 1 arr. from the collection. 3p) 3sbn, ss Must have an oval) The pupil is black in color in 5 kb in kA.

Assembly White petals collect in a circle and sew together, be careful petals should look face to inside, in the middle there should be no holes, then we sew the core with stamens! Next we sew the flower-laying machine, see the photo. Next we sew the leaf first to the pear, and then to the leaf and pear we sew the flower! Eyes: the pupil sews to the squirrel, do not forget to make the glare, and then the finished part is sewn to the pear. The mouth and cilia remained, I think there will be no difficulties here, just embroider with a black thread, it's the same jeans. Here's your pear ready!)))
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