MK owlet from the elements of African flower

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5yg - 10pcs. 
6rg - 1pc. 
6ug - eye - 2pcs. 
6ug - leg - 2pcs. 
6ug - wing - 2pcs. 
7rg - tail - 1 pc.

1a Scheme.

1b. 2-3 row, knit 12 rays

1c. 4 row. we tie it up like a 6pc, only we do an elongated loop not 6 times, but 12. 5 rows fit in the same way as for 6p.

2. We connect eyes, having tied them up with columns without nakida it is available (we do not sew).

3. Taurus. 5 pieces. 5ug sew and close the ring. Formed hole with 5 ribs sew another 5ug. Get the bottom and the first circle of the calf.

4. The second ring of the calf consists of 2 6ug - eyes + 5ug + 6ug + 5ug. It is necessary not to sew the points of connection with the eyes, but to tie them in place. The eye should be selected due to the columns without nakida. 
It was here that I made a mistake instead of a 6gon, I sewed a 5gon, at that moment I didn’t know how it would be right, because before everything had to think out the most. That's right, sew on the back of the calf in the second circle 6agon.

5. Top of the calf close 2 5ug. Along the upper edge, perform the assembly again, tying together the edges of the eyes and pentagons with single crochet columns, then turn the work and tie another string through the eyelid, in which to perform rings of 5 air loops at equal distances, if desired. This cilia-feathers.

6. Paws or legs.

6a. We knit 6rg to 3 ranks.

6b. Bend it in half and tie the first petal with 1 crochet stitches in two air loops of the previous row. Just knit 7 pairs of loops. For this number of loops add 3 double crochets. A total of 10 double crochets.

6c. Remove the hook from the loop, thread the top loop of the first post, then remove the loop and tie them together with a connecting loop. Such a technique in knitting is called popcorn. 2 air loops, an elongated loop of 2 rows, 2 air loops (for lifting the row), 10 posts on popcorn, etc.

7. Tail.

7a. Connect 7ug. I took one row less so it was more elegant.

7b. Thread the contrast thread through the 2nd row, pull off the core and tie the ends. Sew tail, like a button on the leg.

The beak is connected by a cone of 12 air loops, closed in a ring. Along the circle are single crochets with a 1 column reduction in a row. Sew on the edge and bend like an owl. 
The wings are connected from 6ug. Tie up to 4 rows, then fold the element in half and tie up with crochets. Sew on the sides. 
Sew buttons on the eyes.

The toy is very funny. At first glance, it seems simple to perform, but here a more complex element for the eyes of 12 rays is used. More complex tying paws. Therefore, I placed this third MK. First you should practice on an elephant or giraffe.

Good luck with your work.

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