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Probably everyone who has ever seen the wonderful little Amigurumi toys. I decided to try to tie them. However, like all newbies, we can make mistakes. Because of which we lose the joy of creativity, and throw away the lack of responsibility, somewhere further.

I want to share my experience, mistakes and their solutions.

The first mistake : a hook that was incorrectly chosen for the yarn, or vice versa. Often you can hear from beginners: “why I have such a loose knit” the answer is simple. Pick up the hook thinner. For toys does not fit the standard selection of the hook, as written on the labels of yarn, you need a hook less. For example, the meter 300m./100gr. manufacturers write a hook 3.5-4, for toys it will be 1.75-2. 

The second mistake . Often beginners confuse the wrong side with the front side. Sometimes this is done intentionally, but these are special cases, and if it happens arbitrarily, then this is a mistake that can complicate the knitting task and spoil the look. First, clearly define what the seamy side looks like, as the front. Secondly, when knitting to ensure that the product does not turn out. 

The third mistake . The filler sticking up or stuck into the canvas of the toy. Of course, the topic of stuffing is a very voluminous topic, and you can write a lot. But I will tell only a small aspect. It is important at the end did not tamp down to the very edge, and leave a small gap to slip the hook. Then on the last row through a small hole fill this gap with a thin stick, for example, for sushi. 

The fourth mistake . Ugly sewn parts. This is also a very voluminous topic. I will share only some information. Details: ears, tails and others, you need to sew from the sewn part to the one we sew. Oh, I said, probably not clear. The bottom line is to get a neat and inconspicuous seam. It is necessary to guide the needle first into the half loop of the part that we want to sew, for example, an eyelet. And then insert the needle into the canvas of the head, doing the same thing on the contrary, the seam will not be beautiful. But if, as I described, at least I tried to describe, the seam will be neat. However, to show it is easier than to describe. 

Fifth mistake . Do not use marker. I was faced with the fact that novices do not use a marker, from which the counting of loops and rows becomes torture. It is necessary to label each last or first loop of the series, I mark the last one, so I'm used to it already. But the marker can be a thread of a contrasting color, a clip or markers that are sold in handmade stores. 

The sixth mistake . Running or Chinese eyes. She herself had such a sin and used them. But girls, this mistake is for those newbies who want to sell their work. Such eyes are very, very cheap your masterpiece. And yet, for your work, you will not put a decent payment. After all, the association with these eyes automatically with something simple and cheap. What to do? It's simple - do not use these eyes. What to replace, if plastic is better to use black beads or half beads, to make eyes yourself (knit, roll, sculpt). Or use more expensive eyes with a lively look, even such eyes in plastic or acrylic look many times better. And of course, the favorite is the glass eyes. Hope you enjoyed this tip.

Seventh mistake. Low grade filler. Well, yes, after all, I will touch upon this topic again. Only now I will tell you what to stuff. Often, beginners think that you can stuff anything, alas, for knitted toys it is not. You can not stuff with scraps of thread or fabric, well, all sorts of things like that. This will spoil not only the appearance of the toy, but there is also a high probability that all these offal will crawl out through the knitted fabric. Also, do not stuff your toys with cotton wool or foam, they fall down, crumple up and the toy loses its shape. What to stuff? Holofiber, sintepukh are great for stuffing and bursting a toy from the inside, they keep their shape perfectly. Also, I do not recommend to fill with padding polyester, although at worst, it is possible for them, but not worth it. Sintepon has a tendency to unevenly distributed, because of what toys appear, "toy", cellulite. For beginners in particular, it can be difficult to distribute it evenly. And still it is necessary to break into pieces.

The eighth mistake . Asymmetric utyazhki. You can also talk a lot about utyazhki. In some toys, no attachments are needed at all and it is better to start with just such ones. But if you decide on a toy for more difficult, without utyazhek in any way. Firstly, what to do with it, most often it should be the same thread from which we knit. But if the yarn is not suitable for utyazhek, it is, for example, textured or quickly torn from friction between the fibers. Then you need to use yarn of similar color, for example, cotton. But about the symmetry, it is very important to carefully distribute the points of the eyes, so that they are symmetrical, and everything that needs to be described.

Ninth mistake . The effect of "sumo" when the thread mount limbs. Yes, and it happens. Of course, you will encounter a thread mount on more complex toys than toys for beginners. But you will come across, and here we are fastening our limbs, and they are broken and not a bear already, but a real sumo fighter. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to introduce a needle in a limb not at the very edge, but slightly lower and not tighten too much, but it is enough that nothing dangles and falls off.

Tenth mistake. Poor quality photos. Oh, you can write a separate article about it. But I also thought in my time, like many newbies. Well, no, I have nothing to shoot. And what's the difference, how to shoot, you can still see. Or who should - consider. No, no, and again no, it is not visible will not be considered and does not cling. The way out is to squeeze everything you can from what you have until you are ripe to buy something better. For example. Shoot in very good light, and what's important, not against a wallpaper or sofa, but against a white background. No white background? Buy a drawing paper, attach it to a wall and let a part lie on the floor or table. And here is a white background. However, the background can be of a different color, and even the background can be a park or a sea, or a river. But not the wallpaper and not our creative mess on the table. The light is in any case very important and in good light, even if you are shooting on a mobile phone, your work will look much better. I also wanted to say, try to play with your creation. Plant it in different poses, shoot at a different angle, and see which is better. Then your toy in the photo will come to life, and it will cling to those who may become your potential client. Do not be afraid to take pictures, if you spent so much time on knitting toys, then spend a little more than 5 minutes to beautifully present the work.

Well, I hope that some of this will be useful for you, and you will avoid these mistakes. 

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