Amigurumi Red Face

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You will need:
remnants of yarn "Iris" pink
colors, remnants of the yarn "Swan Fuzz"
orange color, hook №0,5, 3
Torso: dial yarn "Iris" pink
colors 4 air. etc., connect to the ring.
Tie 5 tbsp. b / n in the ring. 1-4-st series:
add 6 tbsp. b / n. 5-8th series - through
every 2 points of addition. Then change
yarn on "Swan's Fur" and crochet in a circle
Art. b / n. Add the 1st and 4th rows to each
The third loop. 5th row knit smoothly. 6-8th
rows - lower by 5 tbsp. b / n, 9-10th series -
Reduce through one loop. Fill the part
sintepon, close the knitting. Sew
eyes and pull the muzzle.
Handles: dial the yarn "Iris" 3 air.
etc., connect to the ring. Get into the ring
4 tbsp. b / n. 2nd row - add 3 tbsp. b / n. 3-
5th row - knit smoothly. Detail stuff
sintepon, sew to the body. To the right
stick 3 bells.
Ears: dial the yarn "Iris" 5 air. P.,
tie a circle around the rear wall of the 2 rows,
adding at the corners of 4 tbsp. b / n. Sew
ears to the head.


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