Amigurumi Small Doll Crochet

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Small dolls that were hooked before, are all wearing woolen clothes or skirts.
This time is different.
Sheep, I put on a flower skirt for it.
In fact, the combination of crochet and fabric will have more unexpected effects.
But technology cloth who told me too bad it! ?
So I can only grieve my little dolls~
These small cloth colleagues sent Buka
Are small pieces
Can only use a small doll body on Oh!
how about it? Wear a skirt small sheep is not very pleasant it ~
Materials: crochet, wool, cotton, flowers, needles, cloth, scissors

This is the face of the lamb. The needle 

has been added to the needle. 

This is the place to change the line. Can you see it clearly? I took a close-up ~ 

The face of the lamb is different from the hair. The 

head is almost finished! 

Here is the body, a little bit of it! 

Lamb's hands and feet, small - 

hole after shrinking feet too small, so in the last hook around the climate, we must first Cypriot good cotton oh ! 

Okay, so the parts are finished become ~

The following stitching process:
First sew the five features

Sewing the body again

Sew on the ear

Look at the clothes sewn through the process ah!

Then sew the clothes on the lamb.

Finally, sewing your hands and feet is OK ~ Cute lamb is born!
Remember mom to be on the hands of children , to know the size of the lamb, oh ~
Tong Ma, how, the little sheep is small enough , huh, huh~

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