Crochet Doll Fairy

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One good fairy named Lily in a fairytale state was 

Cookies Factory...
There prepared the most delicious cakes in the world, always smelled 

Caramel and fresh pastries...
Meet the charming girl in country style, Lily, 

That will fill your house with cosiness, warmth and aroma 

Freshly baked cake and will give a lot of positive emotions...
Doll is the first of a series of interior dolls. Hopefully soon will be 

The height of the doll is 30 cm. Without wire frame.
Platice of natural fabrics and laces, which completely conveys 

The atmosphere of the country kitchen (100% flax, cotton)
Yarn 50% cotton, 50% acrylic
The apron is embroidered manually, removed.
Lily's kit includes a cupcake accessory that is put on 

The handle is connected from 100% cotton yarn.

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