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Blouse on baby 3 months. Set 84 loops with white thread (14 loops on each of the slats - 7 loops and 2 half-edge loops). Then the bar and continue to knit white. The bar to knit pattern "Corn" - 6 rows  1 row - Chain knit red Then comes the addition due to such knitting (white thread):  1 row - 7 loops of the bar (continue to knit with corncob), * 1l, -3 *,  1 l and again 7 slats. 2nd row - all purl. 3rd row - 7th strap, 3l, * of 3x-3, 1l, * 3l, 7th strap 4th row - all wrong. 5th row - 7 lath, 1l, from 3x-3 *, 1l, from 3x-5, *, from 3x-3, 1l, 7 lath 6 row - all wrong. Then knit pattern "Chain" 3 times (red - white - red)  

Now, after 3 chains, knit one more row of white thread addition, after knitting one row of faces from the back side. 

We knit: 7 strap, 1l, from 2x-5, * 1l, from 3-5 *, from 2x-5, 1l, 7 strap 
The next row from the wrong side to knit facial. 

Again 2 Chains (red - white) and then proceed to the main pattern. 
The drawing is called "Peacock's Tail". 
After the additions, I got only 215 loops on the needles. 

Having made another additional row, I added 24 more loops (since in my case the baby was already 6 months old). 

Loops after the coquette distributed as follows: 1kr., 7n. strips, 31p. shelves, 51p sleeves, 59p. backs, 51p. sleeves, 31p. shelves, 7p. strips, 1kr. It turned out 4 motives of the pattern on the sleeves and 10 motifs on the shelves along with the back. If the child is small, then 8 motives will suffice on the shelves and backrest (i.e., no additional row is needed). 

Chain Dial an odd number of loops  1st row - front loops  2nd row - purl loops  5th row - 1 w., 1 p. Remove (thread in front) Knit weakly! 6th row - after edge 1, remove (thread in front), 1 person. (i.e., remove the loops knitted in the previous row, and the ones taken to knit with the front ones). The  pattern is repeated from the 1st row.  Corn 1st row - 1 persons, 1 wl. 2nd row - all facial 

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