Childrens cardigan with a round yoke

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For the manufacture of this cardigan, we need bamboo-colored yarn (bamboo, 115m / 50g) - about 400 grams; knitting needles number 3 and hook number 2, as well as buttons to match - 5 pieces. 

Height: 116-122 cm. 

Observe the density of knitting: 24 p x 30 p = 10x10cm Gum 
: alternate 1LP, 1IP. In purl ranks - loops on drawing. 
The front surface: in the front rows - all the LP, in the back rows - all PI. 
The seamy surface: in the front rows - all PI, in the back rows - all LP. 
Shawl: all the LP in the front and purl rows. 
Button holes: we knit 2 loops together with the front one, we perform a nakid. In the next row, we knit a cap with a crossed front loop. We carry out fasteners on the right strap, we start from the eighth row and further in each 14th row. Just perform 5 holes.
A row of addition of loops: edge, * 2 LP, we add a loop; repeat from * to the end of the row. Add a loop by wrapping or knitting a crossed front loop from a broach. In the following row, we knit all the loops with facial loops. 

Job Description The 
product is knitted in one piece in the direction from the neck to the lower floors. 
Dial 74 loops on the spokes number 3 and knit garter stitch about 2 cm. Then we distribute the loops as follows: hem, 5 loops - a garter strap for the fastener (you need to make holes for buttons on it), 1 loop - a purl, 60 loops - the main pattern, 1 loop - a purl, 5 loops - a scarf fastener trims, edging.
In the following (persons) row, we perform the addition of loops in the manner described above. We get 104 loops. Further, immediately after izn. the row, knitted with the LP, we perform 10 rows with an elastic band (1x1). 
After this, perform one more addition of loops. Total we get 148 loops. 
The next row - LP and beyond 10 rows - rubber (1x1). 
Do not forget about the holes for the buttons (right strap fastener). 
We repeat the series of adding loops and the following for adding 10 rows of elastic (1x1) three more times (respectively, there are only 214 loops, then 313 loops, then only 461 loops). In total, 461 loops are 
We continue to work the facial smoothness. We knit 4cm from the last row with the additions of loops and separate the loopers for the sleeves for the loopers. To do this, we knit 78 loops, and we transfer the next 76 loops to the looper, knit 153 loops, and then 76 loops on the looper, knit 78 loops. Total is obtained in the work (front shelves + back) 309 loops. We continue the work of the front surface. Further, at a height of 33 cm, respectively, from the last row with the addition of loops go to knitting garter stitch. Knit 2cm, and close all the loops.
To complete the sleeves, we transfer the loops from the looping holder to the knitting needles and, accordingly, in the first two rows for each sleeve we add 5 p. At the end of the row. Next, we continue the work with the front satin stitch. At the same time, for the bevels of the sleeves, we reduce on both sides in every tenth row a 4x1 loop. After that, at a height of 2 cm from the beginning of the knitting of the sleeves, we continue the work of garter stitch. Perform 2cm and close all the loops. 

Assembly: we moisten slightly a product and we allow to dry on a horizontal surface. Run the seams of the sleeves and directly the seam under the yoke. We tie the edges of the cardigan crochet 1 row Art. b / n We sew buttons. Cardigan for girls ready. 

The author: Natalia Pelykh

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