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92/98 (104/110) 
You need 
Yarn (58% cotton, 21% polya; 250 m / 100 g) - 150 (200) g white and 100 (150) g ​​gray; Knitting needles number 5 and 6; set of 5 stockings; 1 belt for belt, size 35 x 20 mm. 
Patterns and diagrams 
Face smooth surface Front 
rows - face loops, back lines - back loops. Tie all loops in the outer rows of the front loops. 
Inside face 
rows - back sides, back sides - face loops. 
In the round rows all petty knotted tied. 
and back rows - facial loops. 
When knitting, knit alternately 1 row of faces, 1 row of purses. 
Curved pattern
Knit 3 p. Head Coach, 3 p. from the inside of glada. 
Boundary laces 
In each row, the last button to knit with a face bent, the first button to be removed, as when wearing the inside knitting = edging edge “chain”. 
Knitting density 
18 p. X 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm, tied with facial spot; 
18 p. X 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm, linked by a ribbed pattern. Both samples are knitted with needles No. 6. 
The bodice of the dress is knitted from the bottom upwards, the skirt is in the transverse direction. The arrows on the drawing of the details of the pattern indicate the direction of knitting. 
Performing the work of the 
Gather on the needles No. 6 with a white thread 52 (60) n. And knit with the front satin stitch.

Through 17 (20) cm = 46 (54) p. From a set of rows, close from both sides for the armholes, first 2 (3) paragraphs, then in each 2nd p. esche 2 (3) times per 1 item = 44 (48) paragraph. 

Through 10.5 (12.5) cm = 28 (34) p. from the beginning of the closing time for the neckline averages 16 (18) s. and beginning to end the left side. 

To round the neckline, close the inner side in the next 2 p. 1 time 5 p. = 9 (10) p. 

1.5 cm = 4 p. from the start of the neckline close the remaining hinges. 

The second side is to end symmetrically. 
Knitting, like a back, but for a larger throat, average 6 (8) n. Close through 3 (5) cm = 8 (14) p. From the beginning of the entryway and first finish off the left side.

To block the neck, close from the inner edge, first in each 2nd p. 1 time 3 points and 1 time 2 points, then in each 4th p. esche 5 times for 1 p. = 9 (10) p. 

After 9 cm = 24 p. Close the loop at the start of the neckline. 

The second side is to end symmetrically. 
on the knitting needles No. 5 with white thread 28 (32) p. And for the plank, starting from the wrong side, knit for a strap 2 cm = 5 p. patch viscous. 

Go to the needles number 6 and continue to work lyceum smooth. 

After 2 cm = 6 p. from both sides of the plank, on both sides of the skis, first by 1 point, then alternated in each 6th and in each 8th p. esche 7 (8) times 1 p. = 44 (50) p.

Through 22 (26) cm = 60 (70) p. From the strap close with both sides for okata 1 time for 4 (5) p., then in each 2nd p. 2 times 3 p., 2 (3) times 2 p. And 1 time 3 p. = 10 p. 

Through 6 (7) cm = 16 (18) p. from the beginning of the formation of the occlusion, close the remaining hinges in the same row. 
Knit in the same direction. 

From the initial chain made from VP, made with a needle, dial on the needle No. 6 with a string of 42 (50) 

section . Knit with a ribbed pattern with edge edges of the “chain”. 

Through 80 (90) cm = 210 (234) p. loop temporarily stop. 
I love more luxurious skirts, therefore, the magnitude of the до Number of rows to 300-350, you need to look in the course of knitting. 

Loosen the support chain and connect the last row of loops to the loops of the 1st row with a “loop in loop” stitch. 
Screw on knitting needles No. 5 with a white thread of 6 p. And knit with a knit stitch with tangible edges “chain”. Through 55 (58) cm loops to close. 
Knit, HOW belt loops but zakpyt chepez 34 cm. 
Bypolnit shoulder seams. 

On the back of the mouth, dial 75 (80) pt with white thread on the stocking knitting needles and for bei knit 6 p. knitted, then loop all loops. 

Run side seams. Skirt sew ĸ bodice so that the seam of the skirt was in the middle of the back. 

Sew into a ring and sew over the seam along the waistline. 

For the ribbon, push through the yarn from both sides and form a bow. Sew stitching to the belt, like a photo. 

Sew in the sleeves, sew the stitches. ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‍  

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