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Age: 4-5 years

You will need

Yarn from the factory "Pehorsky textiles": "Comfortable" (95% merino wool, 5% high volume acrylic, 100 g / 300 m, colors 161 and 01): 400 g brown and 100 white.

Spokes number 3,5; hook number 3.

50-60 cm band elastic; black and red woolen floss for embroidery; 2 buttons.

Pattern "putanka": 1st row: alternately 1 persons., 1 wear .; 2nd and 4th row: according to the drawing; 3rd row: shift the pattern by 1 p .; repeat from 1st to 4th row.

Knitting density: 17 p. X 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern "putanka".


Type 52 pp of brown yarn on knitting needles, tie 6 rows with an elastic band, then knit the “putanka” pattern, adding 1 pitch 7 times to expand on both sides in each 12th row. After knitting 86 rows from the elastic band, close each side 2nd row 1 time 3 p., 1 time 2 p. And 2 times 1 p. After knitting 42 rows from the stitch seam, knit 6 p. 6 rows with a 1/1, 1 row with a seamstudy, 6 rows with an elastic band to the right of 31 p. 1/1, the remaining 21 p. Set aside for an additional knitting needle. Knit the other half of the jumpsuit.

Next, knit the inner part of the breast on the layered hinges of the right and left halves of the overalls of 38 rows with the front satin stitch and 2 rows with the pattern “putanka”, then close the middle 22 points and knit the straps separately with 68 rows with the pattern “putanka”, close the loop.

Application "Bear" (knit top down). Dial 18 p. On the knitting needles with brown yarn and knit it with a “putanka” pattern, adding 3 p. 2 for each side in 2 rows to expand from 2 sides, then 1 p. In every 3rd row. 16 rows straight, then turn down on both sides in each 2nd row 2 times 1 p. And 1 time 2 p., Close the loops.

For the lugs on the site of the additions marked with *, brown yarn type 10 p. And knit with the pattern “putanka”. Having knitted 6 rows from the beginning, for rounding up, close on both sides in each 2nd row 3 times 1 p. After knitting 12 rows from the beginning, close the loops. Knit the second eye in the same way. Crochet the appliqué on the edge with white crocheted yarn 1 next to st. without nakida and 1 next alternately 1 tbsp. without nakida and 3 tbsp. double crochet in 1 base.

Crochet white yarn face, to do this, thread the ring and knit like this: 1st row: 9 st. without nakida, 2nd row: 18 tbsp. without nakida, 3rd row: 27 tbsp. without nakida, 4th row: 36 tbsp. without nakida, 5th row: 45 Art. without nakida, 6th row: 54 Art. without nakida Without breaking the thread, sew the face in the center of the appliqué. Embroider eyes with black floss, brown yarn nose and red floss mouth.

Assembly: perform middle and stepped seams. Unscrew the gum on the belt on the wrong side and hem, leaving a hole for threading the band-gum. Thread the gum. Crochet brown yarn over the open edges of the breast and straps st. without nakida, at the ends of the straps make button loops (chains of 6-7 vozd. p.). Sew the bear appliqué to the breast of the jumpsuit. Sew on buttons.


Type 100 pp into brown knitting needles and knit 10 rows with a 2/2 elastic band, then with a “putanka” pattern. Having knitted 36 rows from an elastic band, to narrow the web, knit all the loops by 2 sections together in each 2nd row 3 times, pull the remaining loops, fasten the thread without breaking the thread, and perform a vertical seam of the cap.

For the ears, type 14 p. On the knitting needles with brown yarn and knit 14 rows with a “putanka” pattern. After knitting 8 rows from the beginning, for rounding, close on both sides in each 2nd row 4 times 1 p. Without breaking the thread, sew the eyelet to the cap and tie it with a hook 1 beside Art. without nakida

For the inside of the ear, type on 9 knitting needles with white yarn and knit with the front surface, adding 1 p. 1 on both sides. After knitting 6 rows from the beginning, close each side of the 2 nd row 2 p. ., close the loop, without breaking the thread, sew the inner part of the ear to the main. The second eye, do the same.

Pattern for coveralls and knitting needles

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