White Dress with Embossed Pattern

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A charming short dress associated with snow-white is decorated with an original relief pattern similar to a snake.
The model will also look great from the yarn sectional with smooth transitions from color to color.

Material :

650-700 g yarn
(100% Acrylic or cotton)
Spokes № 4.5
Needle for Knitwear

For the backrest on the spokes dial
90 loops and knit rubber 1 × 1.
After 4 cm from the beginning of knitting work
Continue with a relief pattern schema.
The diagram shows only the face-
Ranks, in purl rows all
Loops knit on the figure.
40 cm from the beginning of knitting
Lower in each 6th row 10 times
One loop on both sides.
After 78 cm from the initial row
Close on both sides for armholes
1 x 4 loops and then in each
2nd row 1 time 2 loops and 3 times
One loop.
At a height of 20 cm from the beginning of the armholes
Close the middle 22 loops for
The neck cut and each
Do it separately. For
Neck Cut Rounding
Close in each 2nd row 1 time
Two loops. At a total height of 80 cm
Close the remaining shoulder loops.

Note : The model is easily transformed in a lighter summer ant. For it, select cotton yarn and tie short sleeves.

This model is perfectly
With a narrow strap, it will be
Will accentuate the waist and make
The silhouette is more feminine.

Before you knit the same as the backrest,
But with a deeper neckline
The neck, which is 16 cm
From the beginning of knitting the armholes close
The average 16 loops and each
Finish the screw separately. For the
Round cut of the neck is
From the inner edge of each
2nd row 1 times 3 loops, 1 time 2 loops
and 1 time one loop. Overall height
80 cm close remaining loops

For one sleeve on the spokes
42 Loop and knit 4 cm of rubber
1 × 1, then continue working
Embossed pattern. Simultaneously
For bevel Sleeves Add
In every 5th row on both sides
One loop.

Perform the right shoulder and seam
Collar. Follow the side seams
and seams of sleeves, sleeves
In the armholes.

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