Crochet Jacket Pattern

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An empty cell in the scheme does not mean anything, but is given for the convenience of reading the circuit, when the number of loops in the scheme is not constant
Conductive loop
Face loop
Wrong loop
Reverse cape

The Nakid, which is not tied in the next row, but is thrown off the knitting needle-a free cape
Two together facial with a slope to the right
Two together face with a slope to the left (stretch) kka)
Three together face, the central loop from above (remove the two hinges as front, loop the front loops and extend them through the two removed hinges - a double pohotyazhka)
Three together purl
Removed loop, thread at work
The removed loop, the thread of the work
Face-to-face loop
Wrong crossed loop
Interception of one loop to the left by facial
Interception of one loop to the right by facial

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

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