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Dress "Hoarfrost." 50-52. It is knitted of blue Maxi threads and some white Romana. Hook 0.75. Consumption 520gr. 

I found this branch in the magazine "Doublet." It took 11 branches (see diagram). 
Before and back knit the same pattern. In the ring of 10 air loops knit 32 Art. double crochet and further according to the scheme. 

Pattern knitting dresses: 

From the 10th row knit rotary rows. The complexity of this dress is the ability to use partial knitting. But through trial and error, you can learn this. And no one will teach this, because the pattern for each silhouette is always individual. Reaching the level of décolleté, we smooth the product and sew it to the pattern. Next, knit by partial knitting to the line armhole. Along the line of decollete we lay a chain of air loops and tack coil threads to the pattern. Similarly make out the bottom of the sleeves. 

According to the above schemes, we knit the twigs and tie them with white strings with a snarling step.

Lay on the pattern, face down and sew. Free space is filled with an irregular grid. Finishing the dress with the bodice we return to the bottom of the dress and knit expanding the stripes in accordance with the scheme, as well as making the side decreases. The bottom of the dress is also aligned with partial knitting. We finish the bottom of the dress by linking two rows with single crochets plus 1 row alternating between single crochets and pico from 3-ex. loops. The neckline and the bottom of the sleeves make out the analogo.

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