Pullover with lace sleeves and border

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Dimensions: 38/40 (P1), 42/44 (P2), 46/48 (RE), 50/52 (P4) 

you will need: yarn Anny Blatt: 8/9/10/11 skeins Louxor (100% cotton , 140 m / 50 g) white (050); 1/1/2/2 of the Victoria coil (100% polyamide, 100 m / 50 g] green-blue melange (1011); knitting needles No. 3.5. 

Fantasy pattern: knit according to the scheme. 

Knitting density: 25 points and 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Back, front and sleeves: knit according to the appropriate patterns of fancy patterns and faces. satin stitch. 

Assembly: perform one shoulder seam. Dial 174 section along the edge of the neck (48 section along the back, 58 section along the beveled edges of the front cut-out and 10 section along the center) and tie up 2 p. Victoria faces. stitch, 2 p. Louxor faces. stitch, 1 p. Louxor with holes (2 p. Together persons., 1 nakid) and 3 p. Louxor faces. satin stitch. Hinges close. Run the second shoulder seam, side seams and sleeve seams. Sew sleeves. Fold up the edges of the front and back and the neckline along the row with holes, hemmed with a secret stitch.

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