Fashionable knitting hat

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I knit one for this photo.

I am sharing the description I used a yarn of 100% wool Nako Pure Wool 100 gr 220 m in 2 threads -2 hank.

Spokes 40 cm round number 4 and 5. The density of the garter knitting: 18 n = 10 cm 20 p = 10 cm You can use any you like and calculate the density yourself. For tighter caps, subtract 15% -20% of loops from the resulting number of loops. Example: according to my density, the required amount is 85 p-15% (11 p) = 74 p.

Patterns: garter knitting, English gum, 1 × 1 elastic. On the girth of the head 54-56 cm we collect on the spokes with the Italian set of loops 74 n + 1 for connecting into a circle. Knit 2 rows of a hollow rubber band in a circle. 1 row: 1 person., 1 to remove as a purl before work. 2 row: 1 to remove, as the front thread at work, 1 out. Next, we knit a garter stitch with shortened rows with a double crochet or the German method (the highest part is 8-9 cm) 1 row: all facial ones do not tie 4 loops 2 row: all facial ones, do not knit 2 loops on each side 3 row: all facial ones on each side we do not tie up 2 loops. We continue to knit until 7-8 loops remain on the needles.

When knitting the required number of loops with a row to the marker and knit another 1 row in order to connect all the turns of the turns with loops. We take knitting needles and begin to knit English rubber in a circle 1 row: 1 person; 1 nakid; 1 p. Remove as purse. 2 row: 1 nakid; 1p to remove, as front; To knit a loop with a nakida together 3 purse: a nakid from the front to knit together a front loop; 1 nakid; 1 n remove, as purl 4 row and all even repeat from 2 row 5 row and all odd repeat with 3 row Knit to the desired height. Downs. 1. After this, go to the 1 × 1 gum (do not do nakid), knit 4 rows. 2. Close the crown in any way that you like. Hide the strings. We do the WTO, but for now the cap is drying; we are making a pompon. Attach the pompon to the cap. Here is ready hat-beret)


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