Openwork jacket with raglan sleeves

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diagram and description of the model are shown in the size 48-50. 

Knitting density: 17p. / 23 rows = 10/10 cm. 

For work you will need: 

350 g of yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100 g. / 280 m.) 
Knitting needles straight 4 mm 
knitting needles circular 4 mm 
buttons with the color of yarn 
Getting started

We start from the neckline and knit down solid raglan. We collect on straight needles 60 loops. Loops are distributed as follows: 30 loops on the back, each sleeve with 10 loops, 8 loops on the raglan line (2 loops for each) + 2 edges. loops. 

Raglan itself knit facial satin. The main pattern fits according to scheme 3, introducing gradually new loops into the pattern. 

To the right and left of the raglan line, add 20 loops in each front row, 1 loop each. At the same time, starting with the 5th row, add 15 times 1 loop on both sides in each facial row. 

After completing the allowances, remove the loops of both sleeves for additional knitting needles. We add to them 1 of two loops from each raglan line (52 loops). 

Connect the hinges back and shelves. Add to them on the 20th loop of raglan lines.

Continue knitting by pattern (146 loops). The product will be without side seams. 

After 42 cm. From the armhole, we knit 8 cm. With an elastic band and close the loops, not too tight. 

We continue to knit the sleeves according to scheme 3. After 17 cm from the armhole on both sides, close by 1 loop in the front row. Further close 3 more times in each 10 row. 

At a distance of 37 cm from the armhole we knit a 9 cm rubber band and close the loop. 

We knit the second sleeve the same as the first. We carry out seams of sleeves. 

Dial loops on the edge of the shelves and neckline on circular knitting needles. 

Knit 3 cm. Rubber band.

On the right shelf to form 7 holes. The distance from the last button to the bottom is 3 cm. The distance between the buttons is 7.5 cm. The loops are made as follows: outline where there should be holes, tie 2 loops together in the front row, and put on the caps. Then again gum. Loops are closing. See that the edges are not drawn. Sew buttons. The jacket is ready.

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