Beautiful Crochet Skirt with Pattern

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Size: 46.


You will need: 400 g yarn golubogo tsveta (100% cotton, 400 m / 100 g), spokes number 2,5.




Basic yazor:

to knit along. Only the faces of the people are shown on the scheme, the vestigial rows are knit in the rice. The number of tapes is a multiple of 33 plus 1 for symmetry and 2 for chromium. B heights repeat from the 1st to the 12th series. To expand the yzor in the first row, the segments of the purlinae must be 2 points in length (the rapport at the beginning of the row will be 28 points). By the time of knitting on these y sections, each 10-20 rows should be added to the 1st spot until the number of the beads correspond to the number of pieces on the frame 1.


Rubber "spikelets":


1st row (out): 1 hem., Knit 2 times, 2 persons, at the end of the row 2 out of the way, 1 in the edge.

2nd row (persons.): 1 edge., * Enter the spokes in the second from the edge of the faces. and tie it behind the back of the face, then fasten the pen to the face of the face and remove the pelt from the left knitting needle to the right, 2 out *, repeat from * to *, at the end of the row of 2 faces., 1 chrome.

3rd row (out): * Enter the spokes in the second from the edge. and tie her back to the back of the lobule, then lace the back of the lapel and remove the pelt from the left knitting needle to the right, 2 faces. *, repeat from * to *, in the end of a series of two displaced, 1 krome.


Continue to repeat the 2 nd and 3 rd series.


The model consists of two identical pieces and joins the neck down from the belt. For the belt, dial 132 points and knit with the yoke of spikelets. At a height of 4 cm from the set edge, equal to the width of the total, add 67 points and knit the main yzor (ychityat yazor expansion). At a height of 94 cm from the typing edge, close all pelti. Btoryu etal knit in this way. Sew a skirt, if necessary, sew a zipper in the left seam of the skirt. In order to double the belt, make 4 slippers and sew them to the waistband of the skirt symmetrically on both sides of the center of the front and back

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