Crochet Black Skirt Free Pattern

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Dimensions: S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL 

Materials: Yarn DROPS Muskat 400-400-450-500-550-600 g color № 18, white. 

Circular Spokes (60 or 80 cm) № 3.5; or the necessary size to achieve the density of knitting 21 p. * 28 p. Lace pattern = 10 * 10 cm. 

Circular Spokes (60 or 80 cm) № 3 for bending edge and platinky binding. 

70-120 cm gum. 

Used Techniques of knitting 

Platelka (Circular series): 1st row-All loops knit face, 2nd row-All loops knit purl, repeating the 1st and 2nd rows. 1 rib = 2 rows of Platelka. 

Increase: In order to calculate how often you need to make a raise, you need the total number of loops in a row (for example, 150 p.) divided by the number of decreases (for example, 8) = 18.8; i.e. according to the example, the additions are performed approximately after each 19th p. 

Add by doing the scum. In the next row of scum to tie the face crossed (if the next row-a number of facial surface) or reverse crossed (if the next row-a number of purl). 

Pattern: See Diagram A. 1-A. 4 


Knit in circles on circular spokes from top to bottom. 

Dial 150-168-184-204-230-256 p. On circular spokes № 3. Tie 2 cm facial smoothness, then 1 row purl (= Bend line). Go to circular spokes № 3.5. Place 1 marker at the beginning of the series, now measurements to perform from that point. Knit face stitch. At an altitude of 3-3-4-4-5-5 cm add evenly 8-6-10-6-4-4 p. (see Increase) = 158-174-194-210-234-260 p. Monitor the density of knitting. At an altitude of 6-6-8-8-10-10 cm go to the circular spokes № 3. To tie 2 edges of a platelkoj, simultaneously having added 10-6-10-6-6-4 p. Evenly in a row = 168-180-204-216-240-264, 5 p. Again go to the spokes № 3.5 and knit according to the scheme A. 1a (= 14-15-17-18-20-22 repeat 12 p.). Linking A. 1a, go to the diagram of a. 1b. Linking according to the scheme a. 1in vertically 1 time, on the spokes will be 196-210-238-252-280-308 p. Link the pattern on the diagram of a. 1c vertically 1 time. Go to the spokes № 3and tie the two ribs with a binding, adding 27-19-15-7-9-5 p. Evenly in the first circular row = 223-229-253-259-289-313 p. Again go to circular spokes № 3.5 and knit pattern on the scheme of a. 2 as follows: A. 2a (= 7 p.), repeating the pattern of Scheme A. 2b, until the end of the series will not remain 6 p. (= 35-36-40-41-46-50 repetitions pattern of 6 p.), and finish the pattern in the scheme of a. 2c (= 6 p.). Linking a pattern a. 2 vertically 2 times, to pass on circular spokes № 3, to tie 2 edges of a platelkoj, at the same time adding 29-23-23-17-11-11 p. In the first circular row = 252-252-276-276-300-324 p. Again to pass on circular spokes № 3.5 and to knit circular rows on Scheme A. 3 (= 21-21-23-23-25-27 repetition pattern of 12 p.). Linking pattern on a scheme of a. 3 vertically 1 time, on a spokes there will be 273-273-299-299-325-351 p. Now to repeat a pattern of a. x over a pattern of a. 3, until the length of the product does not make 42-44-46-48-50-52 cm (or to reach the desired length). Continue knitting on the diagram of a. 4, then freely close all loops. 


Bend the belt to the side of the underside and sew, leaving a small hole for the gum.

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