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  Threads are better to take capable trickles. It can be silk, viscose, mercerized cotton. You choose the thickness of the thread yourself. My thread is not very thin "Braid" Semenovskaya, 313m / 100gr. For thinner threads 13, 15, 17 I would knit a row by multiplying by 2, that is, where there are 2 columns without a nakid, you need to knit 4 but count as two. 
Here is the diagram:

There is another version of the knobs: 
Getting started Yulia Popova describes it like this: “we start at the neckline, prepare as many coils, how many elements we will weave around the circumference — it depends on the size. we knit the second row of elements in the vertical direction and the third, attach it to the festoons connected from another skein in the process of knitting, that is, when the element of one row ends, the element of the next row begins to knit from each moto but must at the same time on a number.  
Only one thing is clear to me: it is necessary to link one motive for the scheme, then it becomes clear what to do next.

Now, without cutting the threads, I need to go smoothly to the second motive. For this, I am knitting a sprout along the trim line (17th row), i.e. 5 air. loops, 1 tbsp. double crochet in the third loop before. rows, 2 vozd. loops, 1 tbsp. double crochet in 3 pred. rows; * 2 rev. loop, 1 half column in the 3rd loop before. Row X 2 times, * 2 rev. loops, 1 column with 2 nakida in the 3rd loop before. row X 2 times; 5 air. loops, 1 tbsp. with double crochet in the middle of the column with two naquids, 2 vozd. loop and connecting loop in the 3rd loop before. row.

Now we continue to knit according to the scheme, starting with the 2nd row, at the same time from one edge we connect with the first bound motif. This is what happens:

Thus, we knit 8 motives (in the photo) or as much as you need. It turns out the diagonal strip from the right shoulder to the left thigh without tearing the thread.

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