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Crocheted jacket

Model provided Zanyuk G. A.

Size:  36-40

You will need

200 g of dark gray, beige and pink yarn (30% wool, 70% acrylic, 100 g / 300 m).

Hook number 2.

The main two-sided pattern:  scheme 4-1, from the 2nd to the 7th rows are repeated. The diagram shows the forward and reverse rows. Knitting begins and the 1st row knits with dark gray yarn, and then each row changes the color of the yarn.

Description of knitting jacket

The dimensions and direction of work are given on the pattern (Fig. 4-1).

Work begins with vyvyazyvaniya main details. Knit it from top to bottom. Use dark gray yarn to tie a chain out of c. 140 cm long (the number of loops is a multiple of 10 + 1 loop for symmetry). Then knit exactly double-sided pattern 4-1. After 11 cm from the edge, divide the canvas into 3 parts (60 cm back, 40 cm shelves, make pins with marks). Make cuts for armholes and tie each part to the height of the armhole (20 cm) separately. Then connect 3 parts into one canvas and then knit together the back and two shelves to the desired length (in this embodiment, 30 cm).

On a circle armhole begin to knit sleeves. Knit them exactly in a circle with dark gray yarn and pattern art. s / n The length of the sleeves is determined at its discretion. On the upper edge of the dark gray yarn and pattern art. s / n tying a strip to a height of 15 cm (see the pattern and photo of the model). This is a shawl collar. Tie the edges of the sleeves and collar with beige yarn and pattern 4-2. The edges of the shelves and the bottom edge of the product are tied with beige yarn and pattern st. b / n

Pattern and pattern for knitting a jacket

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