Crochet Dress Pattern For Women

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Many people like things that are crocheted from motives. And also many do not like to knit, and especially then to combine these very motives. But there is a way out - uninterrupted knitting! 

In this article, there are two master classes in which I will show: 
1. how to connect all the beloved blouse in an uninterrupted fashion. 
2. Using the example of a wonderful dress, I will analyze the principle of knitting hexagonal motives in an uninterrupted fashion.

Pattern and general scheme: 

We knit the first motif to the point where it will be connected to the second motive. Thus, we do not finish the last row until the end. 

In our motif 3 rows, means we knit a chain of 9 v. (3 rows * 3в.п - on the rise instead of the first item in the row)
and a ring of 12 vols. 

We knit the following motif. 
We connect the connecting posts along the chain (3 bp) and we knit the first row.

In the same way we knit the second row.

By tying the third row, we connect the angles of the motifs. 

The third row is not finished until the end, but we pass to the third motive. 

Having connected the necessary number of motives, the last motive in the series is brought to a close.

We bind the remaining motives to the first. We pass to the second row of motives. 

Similar to the first row, we knit the second. 
Do not forget to connect the motives with each other. 

In color, she singled out the connection points of the motifs.

We knit the necessary number of rows of motifs. The first motive in each row remains untied.

We are tying.
Cloth from the motives in the technique of continuous knitting is ready :) Smart dress from hexagonal motifs On the example of a wonderful dress I suggest to disassemble the principle of knitting hexagonal motives in an uninterrupted manner. We knit the first motive, not finishing to the end in the last row. Go to the knitting of the second motive. We knit a chain of 23 bp. and a ring of 7 cp. We knit the second motif, climbing the chain from the intersection. connecting posts. 1 row 2 row 3 row 4 row 5 row 6 row 7 row 8 row. We do not get through to the end. Proceed to the next motive.

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/shur-chic

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