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Size: 38/40, chest girth 88-92 cm.
You will need: 300 g of light gray and 10 g of dark gray yarn (100% cotton, 100 g / 250 m); 100 g of yarn with lures (96.5% acrylic, 3.5% methane, 100 g / 20 m); hook number 7; belt buckle.
Pattern according to the scheme: columns b / n - each row to start with 1 rev. p. rise instead of 1st st. b / n circle. R. finish 1 connection Art. in air to lift
Knitting density: 16 p. And 10 p. = 10 x 10 cm pattern according to the scheme, hook No. 7.
Back: light gray yarn to tie a chain of 73 vozd. P. + 3 vozd. p. lifting and knitting pattern according to the scheme, while from the 1st to the 3rd p. knit light gray, 4th p. - dark gray yarn, 5th p. - yarn with lurex, 6th and 7th p. - light gray yarn. 40 p. from the start of work finish knitting. The upper part of the backrest start to knit, as the lower part of the backrest. When knitting the 5th p. Connect the top part of the backrest to the bottom in 6 points, focusing on the photo.
Before: knit like a back.
Assembly: perform shoulder seams. Run the side seams, leaving 28 cm unstitched below. Light gray yarn to tie up the top of the top, armholes, bottom and cuts 1 p. Art. b / n
Belt: light gray yarn to tie a chain of 200 vozd. n. and tie 13 p. Art. b / n To one of the ends of the belt to sew a buckle.

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