Knitting Summer Idea and Pattern

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I found amazing knitted dresses for the summer. The author of these sets Zest, to her many thanks for the work and for sharing with us. It seemed to me that it was not difficult, so I want to try to connect these things, especially in my team there was a new employee who has a fine crochet. If something seems difficult, then I have a specialist nearby. If you like these outfits, can suit your children, or granddaughters, then I advise you also to take the hooks. There is still time until hot days. And yet, this hobby can always be turned into your own business. They say that all the ideas of small businessalready implemented and start something from scratch, it's too late. But, there is still a lot of fresh ideas, and in any sphere. See what prospects await you and what are the original business ideas presented on the site. It is possible that you should not waste time, but already start something to do. The most fresh ideas of your own business for you, the right equipment, all about the pitfalls, and also useful tips on leadership and achieving goals in your business.

The dressing-gown is tied from the thread of GAZZAL RIVA. 100% viscose. 
It took 240 grams.

Scheme of the motif for the beach skirt "Tsvetik"

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