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Yarn  Lana Gatto  Super soft 100% Merino wool extra, 50g / 125m, knitted in 1 thread, all work on knitting needles # 3.
I plan on a cold autumn, a warm winter. Knitting for 1,5 years.

Because it turned out that I collected my hat from several descriptions, I'll try to paint all my actions. 

1. A little about your calculations. The hat was supposed to be on the OG 48cm, I decided that the cap itself would be the facial smoothness and the lapel of the rubber band 2x2. Therefore, connecting the sample with the face loops, calculated and received 128p = 48cm. On free obyganie deducted 10% and got 115.2 p. But in order to then properly make the reduction from the rubber bands to the main fabric, you must have a number of loops multiple of 3. I decided this question in the larger side, ie, we get 117 loops on the main canvas of the cap. Thus on my ears went to 24p, to the nape - 23p and to the forehead - 46p. For the number of loops of the rubber band, the formula is 117: 3 * 4 = 156p, this number of loops will need to be typed on the spokes. 

2. To start, you need to tie two tabs, for this type 4p and knit a hollow cord of the desired length. Next, proceed to unfasten the ears. Method see here 
However, I decided to knit them like a hollow double rubber band, making also at the edges of the increase. Those. knitted as usual on two spokes. For some reason it is more convenient for me)))  
Having connected two ears cut the thread (you can even fix it and hide it, it will not be needed any more) and put it aside. 

3.  We dial 156p in an Italian way (I prefer the method with an additional thread, so I dialed 2 times less), we close in a circle, we make the transition to an elastic band 2x2 and knit the desired height of the lapel. 

4. Next, you need to make a gateway, for this I tied one row cutting the loops of the rubber bands, namely, tied * 2 out, 2 persons together *. Having cut back we went to the right people. The next 5 rows I knitted this way: * 2 out, 1 person to remove the thread at work *. 

5.  In order to tie the 6th row, distribute the loops on the back of the head, the ears and the forehead. We now use all the hinges of the facial, including those that were removed without tying. Having tied up the hinges, where there should be ears, we put the eye in the correct position and tie the 3n together, placing the hinges as follows: 1n ear, 1n hats, 1n ear. (Only see that the eyelets of the eyelet are not twisted). We finish the second ear and repeat it. 

6. We knit the face surface with the desired height, in my case 18cm. Then you need to pull off the crown in any way. I first cut the loops, tying 3 together (2nd from above) and pulled.


Inside it turns out that the loops that were removed, as it were, hold the hem and do not allow to unbend (in the photo below)

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