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Working hours:  3 hours
In the master class booties I knit wool. Cotton booties are knitted in the same way.

We knit the sole according to this scheme.

continue to knit 2 rows of Art. without increments. thread trimmed.

between the rows of art. b.n. crochet a strip of contrast color

on the front 30 loops knit spout. 

1 row of art. b.n.

the next row of st.s.n.

3 columns with one vertex. It should make 10 loops

the last row of nose, facial. 10 UF. with one common peak

Next, we translate the thread to the edge of the spout and knit 2 rows of Art.

thread to fasten and cut.

Between the 1st and 2nd rows of the spout we embroider the 
thread with a thread

Immediately proceed to the mating of the main part of the bootie. 

front rows knit st.b.n.

purl, in purl rows we knit holes for the lace as follows

2 vp

Ph.D. in the next loop

ce, skip 1 n. before. rows and 2 UF. together. 
it turned out that they cut one loop and left a hole. 
at the end of the row, make similarly such decreases and a hole.

knit 7 more rows. The last row should be the front. 
thread to fasten and cut

knit tongue. individuals. R. senior biologist, iznan. - Art. 
We knit 7 rows with a dark thread, 3 rows with a white thread. 
The 4th row of white thread, persons., We knit like this: 2 UF. together, senior scientist, 2 pstsn., 3 senior scientists, 2 ps.stn, senior scientists, 2 senior scientists . together. 
thread is not cut

go directly to the strapping sneakers around the perimeter. we tie up the posts without nakida. thread to fasten and cut. 
we fill up the not filled threads, we cut off tails

embroider logo, insert lace. 
second knit similarly.

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