Crochet Baby Dress Gentle Angel

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Dress "Gentle Angel" crochet. Description
Dress "Gentle Angel"
Age-0-6 months
Material-Cotton 100% 400 m
Hook № 1, 5-2

The dress was knitted as a gift for the baptism of a newborn girl. Any Handdelnitsa will easily customize the scheme to any size.
So-let's Go)
Knit dress is very easy, start with the neck, so we knit at once with one cloth-front, back and sleeves. Start with the diagram on the photo 1.
Number of loops selected individually, depending on the size, in my case it is 9.9, 18, 18.18-Total-72 loops.
If you are the first time dealing with such a yoke-it is more convenient the first row to outline a thread of another color that would understand where the sleeves, where the backrest, where the breast. It seems to me that the first 3-5 series are the most difficult in the whole dress.
Knitting according to the scheme on the photo of 1-9 series, on the photo 8 you can carefully see the drawing of the shoulders, but it is a picture for the skirt, so on the shoulders we should be able to 3 rows of shells. (Photo 3)
Put the product in the Ready kind (Photo 4), plan "Podmyshki" I further in a circle knit down two more rows. This concludes our top of the dress (photo 5) and we start knitting our skirt (photo 6).
Since I am bored to knit the same thing all day, I decided to diversify the moment and take in hand a golden thread, tie a nice little flower on the chest, tie the throat and sew a couple of gold sequins, and of course do not forget about the tape-belt. Here the main thing is not to overdo with the elements, otherwise all the tenderness will disappear, and the "Bazaar-Station" (Photo 7)
We knit the skirt on the picture 8, but gradually expanding on each arch, expand on each 4 rows.
Knit the right length and everything, the dress is ready)
At the back of the backside sewing 3-4 buttons.
If you knit a dress on a christening-it is better to make it in a floor.
I hope someone comes in handy)
I wish you success.

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