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I found only the picture. I have not found descriptions. I really liked her. And I decided to tie it to my granddaughter. 
Here is the picture that inspired me.

I knitted with NAKO Baby threads

The tunic took about 150 grams. The meter is 130 m. In 50 g. Knitting needles No. 3. 
Started working from the front shelves. I took 56 loops on the shelf. Distributed as follows: 
1 hem., 6 braid loops, 11 pet. garter stitching, 20 facial, 10 stitched loops, 6 loops. spit, 1 board., Chrome. So knit on the desired height for you. I knitted 20 rows. In the next row, center the 20 loops by tying 2 loops together. You will have 10 sticks, from which you will knit a braid 5x5. Somewhere with the 43 rows began to make a decrease from the edge after the spit to 2 pet. together.
From 51 rows of 10 loops (added another ode loops) to tie 2 together, get a braid 3x3, as on the sides. Tear off the loom of garter stitch to make: chrome, braid 3x3, one plaited, braid 3x3, one plaited, braid 3x3, chrome. And knit to the desired height. And in the mirror image, knit another shelf. Pay attention to the edge of the product. He is a little ordinary, handsome. On the video on the wrong side, see how knit ties are made that separate the braids from garter stitch.

Do not forget to make one eyelet on the same shelf. I really liked how to knit in this model buckles for pugovichek. I first saw such an interesting way of knitting them. The video shows very clearly how to knit them.

And so it looks like a tunic on lateral seams after stitching. 
On the back, I distributed the hinges as follows: 
chrome., 1 dressing, 6 braids, 10 cards., 40 faces., 10 boards., 6 braids, 1 board., Chrome. At the 
back is as follows. There must also be a button. This I realized when I was already tying on the tunic and bought the buttons. Later I'll get you drunk

I have such buttons.

And that's what happened in the end.

And on my constant model.

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