Plush jumpsuit for baby

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Was inspired by long winter evenings. Any future mom wants to express her love for the baby. If you are fond of knitting - make such a jumpsuit. 

Designed for babies from 3 to 6 months. This is the best age for a full-length jumpsuit. When working, I tried to make as few seams as possible, so the thing turned out to be very delicate and elastic. For a baby up to 3 months, I recommend tying the envelope. For a child older than 6 months, the best option would be a legless jumpsuit - kids at this age become more mobile, and the booties will only hinder it. 

For the combo-bar itself, it took me 8 hanks of white pole yarn 50g each, unfortunately, the footage on the label was not indicated. And the remnants of peach-colored threads for trimming the legs and ears are acrylic, 300m per 100g., A cord for a hood, 5 large buttons, darn threads, a needle, knitting needles are straight, circular and straight, hooks and

The complexity of knitting lies in the peculiarity of the thread - it is difficult to dissolve and it is almost impossible to count rows and loops, so beginner knitters should be patient and be extremely careful. To avoid mistakes when knitting, I recommend to make a pattern in natural size and regularly apply work to it for verification.

Start with booties and knit as one piece. For the foot of the left booties on the needles number 3.5 dial 37 loops and tie 1 row of faces. Outline loops number 2 and number 20 and knit faces. stitch, on both sides of the planned loops performing 3 times 1 in each = 49 loops in each 2nd row. Then link without adding 14 rows of faces. satin stitch. Remove the first 23 loops and the last 15 loops on the auxiliary needle and knit the remaining 11 garter stitch loops for the toe, knitting the last loop of the toe with the first loop from the auxiliary needle 7 times in each row. 
You can also knit the right bootie in the same way, outlining loops No. 18 and No. 36 for additions. For the toe, leave the first 15 loops and the last 23 loops on the auxiliary spoke. 
Resume knitting of all 35 loops and tie 6 rows with 1 x 1 elastic.
For the trouser leg, continue knitting with the number 4 knitting needles on the face (on the smallest size). 

You can connect and easier. Who does not want to bother with tying booties, you can simply extend the leg by the length of the bootees (about 10-12cm) and then sew from the bottom. It is also possible option at all without tying up the legs - an envelope. Then knit before dividing the shelves with a continuous cloth (25cm). according to the total number of loops on both legs. 

After tying up the main part of the jumpsuit - booties, legs and shelves, proceed to the sleeves. We start with 1x1 rubber bands. Attach the sleeves to the jumpsuit and sew the leg.

For the hood, we assemble loops from the neckline and knit with a 12cm front facing, then divide all the loops by 3. We knit the middle part exactly, dividing the side loops side by side — knitting the extreme middle loop from the first side loop — this is how we get the hood. 

When the hood is ready - we type the loops on the edge shelves and the hood and make the strip with 1x1 elastic, not forgetting to make buttonholes. Sew the edge of the strap to the hood with a darning thread and stretch the cord, sew buttons. 

For the feet - acrylic yarn. hook into one thread, we collect 3 vozd.zaptli, close the ring, 3 vp lifting and 11st.s cape, close the ring, cut the thread. Repeat 6 times. For the cushion - the 1st row - the same, the 2nd row - the st. Without nakida, on each odd one - on the 1st, on the even one - on the 2nd st. Sew on darning thread to booties.

Ears. For the ears, I made 2 parts with crochet - acrylic in two additions made 3v.p., closed in a ring, then 3v.p. lifting and 9 st.s with nakidom. Replaced the thread on the bun. 3pt and from every single crochet column made 2 stems. The second part did the same, only with all the plush thread, and then connected both parts of the article without instructive on the front side. Ears came to the hood with darning threads. 

Combo ready to take the main bear!

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