Dress for the girl

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Dress for the girl "Lilac mood". It is associated for the girl 2 years from the Pekhorka yarn of lilac color (50% cotton, 50% viscose, 100 g / 425 m), it took exactly 2 coils, edge banding and collar - Pechorka yarn "Openwork" (100% mercerized cotton , 50gr / 280m) - less than half of the hammer.

The dress itself is knitted in a circle from the neck. Then knitting is distributed on the back, sleeves, in front. On that part of the knitting that went to the back, we knit several rows, then we knit into a circle, if necessary, we get the loops under the arms, and we knit in a circle to the desired length of the dress. Look at the diagram of the principle of knitting a sprout:

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