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knitting needles 4 and 5
Yarn: Drops Air and merino 50g-90m Exhaust
* On knitting needles 4 we type 80p. In two threads. Air + Merino.
* We knit with elastic 1/1 in the height of 14 cm.
* On the last row of elastic we make additions evenly (4 loops)
* Go to knitting needles 5. We knit a pattern.
Pattern "Stars"
1 row: we knit each loop of the front;
2 row: * from three loops we knit 3, 3 front *;
3 row: we knit each loop front;
4 row: * 3 front, from three loops we knit three *
From 3 loops, we knit three so
We introduce the right knitting needle into 3 front loops and knit together with the front loop over the back wall. The loops located on the left spoke cannot be removed. Spread the yarn over the right knitting needle, knit another 1 knit stitch, and only after knitting three stitches we remove the stitches from the left knitting needle.
* We knit a pattern of "Stars" to a height (with elastic) of 26-27 cm
* We begin to decrease.
1 row: * 2 together, 1 person, from three loops we knit 3 *
2 row: all facial
3 row: * 2 faces, 2 place front *
4 row: all facial
5 row: * 2 together persons, 2 persons *
6 row: all faces
Here, by this principle, we make further reductions until about 10 loops remain on the cap. We tighten them with a thread.
The hat is ready!

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