Sleeveless for girls crochet

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for a girl (cross-knitting, crochet hook). 
Vest - sleeveless jacket for girls 2-3 years old from Belarusian Areola yarn, acrylic, 50g / 235m, hook 2.25. It took exactly 2 hanks. 

Knitted cross knitting. 
sleeveless jacket , the description of Nabrala 220 v white thread and knitted a very simple pattern: 1SP (connecting loop), 1PSNN (half column with nakidom), etc. ... 
At the end of the series: 219th loop-1SP, 220th loop -1SP in the edge of the previous row, 1VP, turn knitting. 

The second and all the following rows are knit as well. All fit for the rear wall of the loop. 
I tied 6 rows, divided the knitting into three parts: 66 loop - with a pattern, 88 loops - with an elastic band (all loops - SP for the back wall), 66 loops - with a pattern The 
elastic band forms the sleeveless shoulder. To the shelves were wider, knitted shortened rows in front, on the back - all right.
When the width of the shoulder tied 8cm, knit only the back of the pattern. Then she attached the dark thread and finished the back, and then scored another 110 VP and finished the second half of the vest with a dark color. 

Tied a ready-made vest to the sc, sewed buttons and brighter decor. 


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