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Knitted sweater spokes for the year 1-2 "Peach ice Cream" 
Good afternoon!
My name is Anastasia Karpov.
I want to talk about a sweater with a high neck "peach ice cream". I invented it, so there is no clear description of the magazine.
We will need: Trinity Yarn "Kroha" 20% wool, 80% acrylic. 0235 Super-White 3 Motochka (50gr/135m) and 3 Motochka of color 0463 (50gr/135m), spokes № 2 straight and socks (5 pcs), spokes № 4, hook for a set of loops from the neck.
The sweater turned warm, not prickly and cheerful. Knitted on a child of 1.5 years, the size of 86-92.
On the Spokes № 2 dial 81 loop and knit 12-13 rows of rubber Band (1 * 1), 1 facial, 1 purl. Knit on thin spokes to make the gum dense and not sticky.
Then, we go to the spokes № 4 and begin to knit a pattern of braid (1 Chrome, 2 Purls, 9 facial, 2 chrome. And so on to the end of the series. Knit wrong side and from the third row knit with the Perkidami on the scheme.
The length is up to the armpit 21 cm, then knit the Reglan sleeve. In each lyceum row we reduce 1 loop at the beginning and at the end of the row. Knit about 17 cm to the neck and close the hinges.
Knit as well as before, but 1 cm longer from the armholes upwards.
On Spokes № 2 we collect 47 loops.
Knit about 12-13 rows of rubber Band 1 * 1 (1 persons, 1 purl).
We go to the spokes № 4 and knit so 1 chrome, 5 facial (front surface), 2nd, 9 Facial, 2 izn., 9 persons., 2 Izn., 9 persons., 2 izn., 5 facial (front surface) and 2 chrome.
Knit 19 cm to the armholes, add to extend the sleeves in each 4 row (when we do the move in the coconut). Then we knit a reglan, as before we reduce in each lyceum row. One side is knit 1 cm above (it will be a backrest). Close the loops.
We sew all together, we look, that the drawing was smooth.
Then we collect from the neck hook loops I came out about 100 loops. Take 5 thin Socks № 2 and knit neck, Rubber Band 1 * 1. After 1 cm reduce a little loops, everyone thinks under the head of his baby! I have about 80 loops left, and I knit 1 * 1 Another 15 cm, then add the buttonhole. The addition I made to the collar was well laid and there was no visible border when we were typing loops from the neck. Added so... From the obverse 2 loops, Izh., persons., Izh., persons., Izh., 2 hinges from the obverse. Then when you put the collar on the front side, it will be beautifully dispersed by the added strips. Knit another 3 cm and close the loops. On a collar of a loop close enough freely, not pulling that at the child has passed a head and did not press.
About Poladki did not paint. It's a matter of taste, who likes it.
Lock all the strings and ready! We wear with pleasure and rejoice spring, because she is already knocking on the window!!!

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