Women skirt with a relief pattern

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

yarns (90% alpaca wool 5%, 5% polyamide; 140 m / z 50 ) - 450 (500) 550 g greenish-gray melange; circular needles No. 5, 5, 60 and 80 cm long; hook number 5,5; 75 (80) 85 cm elastic tape 25 mm wide. 


Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 
In the circular rows to loop all the loops. 

Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 
Circular rows all loops knit facial.

Knit under the scheme A 17 p. In the width of the loop to distribute according to the instructions. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 22nd rows. 
11 (700x479, 249Kb) 

1st p.: 1 out, 3 p. Cross over to the left (= 2nd p. For 1st p. To knit the front, then fasten the 1st p. facial), 1 out. 
2nd reg .: 1 persons., 1 out., 1 persons., 1 out., 1 persons. 
3rd b.: Cross point 2 to the right (= 2nd point before the 1st point. Knit up the face, then knit the 1st point of the face), 1 out, 2 point. Cross to the left. 
4th p. 1 out., 3 persons., 1 out.
5th b.: 1 person., 1 out., Knitting needle to enter at 2 p. lower from yourself (= from front to back), grab the thread and pull out the loop, lay the thread before work, enter the needle into the same loop by moving towards you (= from the wrong side to the front), grab the thread and pull out the 2nd loop , lay the thread at work, reintroduce the needle with a movement away from you (= from the front side to the wrong side) and pull out the 3rd loop, then discard 1 loop from the left needle, 1 out, 1 face. 
6th b.: 1 out., 1 person., 3 out. (elongated loops), 1 person., 1 out. 
7th b.: 1 person., 1 out., 3 points. Knit together the front one with an inclination to the left (= 2 point. Remove together, as in the case of knitting, 1 person., Remove the looped loops through the knitted one), 1 out. , 1 person. 
8th p.: 1 out., 3 persons., 1 out.
9th b.: 2 p. Cross over to the left, 1 out., 2 p. Cross over to the right 
10th p.: 1 person., 1 out., 1 person., 1 out. 
In height, repeat from the 1st to the 10th row. 

18 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a purl; 
27 p. 
Of the structural pattern = 13 cm. Both samples are connected with needles No. 5,5. 

double thread, dial with crossed 185 (205) 225 p. Series close in a ring and 1st p. knit facial. 
Then distribute the loops as follows: * 10 (14) 18 s. Purl surface, 5 s. “Braids”, 17 s. Structural pattern, 5 s. “Braids”, from * repeat 4 more times.
Through 65.5 cm = 164 p. Structural pattern for bevels in each track of the purl smoothing the first 2 s. knit together in the purl, then in each 6th p. 5 times alternately 2 to knit the last 2 and 2 first loops together with the purl = 155 (175) 195 p. (Purl tracks will narrow as a result to 4 (8) 12 p.). 
After 80 cm = 198 p. structural pattern for double strips on all loops knit facial satin. 
After 9 p. facial smoothing knit for bending 1 p. purl and knit 9 more p. facial smoothing. Then close the loop. 

Take a piece of elastic tape length, respectively. waist girth, lay between the halves slats and last sew.

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