Beauty Knittting Tunic

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Dimensions: 38-42
You will need: 750 g purple Eve yarn (44% wool, 43% polyacryl, 13% polyester with Lycra, 93 m/50 g), spokes No6 and No7, circular spokes No 7
The out-of-the-night surface, spokes number 6: faces. P.-from-n., from P.-persons.p.
The main pattern, spokes No. 7: the number of loops multiples of 17 to 2 crom. Knit according to a scheme on which only persons are given. In the first place. Loops knit on the picture, nukida - from the outside. Start with the crom, repeat the rapport loops, finish the crom. From the 1st to the 10th p. perform 10 times (for the sleeves - 8 times) and 1 time from the 11th to the 20th, then for the coquette to knit circular rows 19th and 20th. Loops knit by the picture, nukida-persons.

Dress knitting, circle, r.: knit alternately on 1 circle. Individuals. And from the out. Facial surface, circle. R.: Knit only faces.

Knitting density: 17 p. and 21.5 p.m.

Back/front: dial 87 p. and tie for a bar of 2 cm and 4 p. of the out. Surface. Then knit with a basic pattern. After 51 cm, 110 p.m. from the loop bar to postpone.

Sleeves: dial 42 p. and tie for the bar 2 cm q 4 p. of the iz. Surface. Then knit the main pattern, spreading the loop scaphe. manner: crom., 1 time to tie the last 3 p. rapport, 2 times repeat the loops of rapport, 1 time to tie the first 3 p. rapport, crom. For the slanting sleeves to add on both sides, starting from the bar, 14-1 p. in each 6th p, including the added loops in the pattern of 70 p. After 42 cm and 90 p. from the bar of the loop to postpone.

Assemblage: for a round coquette deferred loops of the front, right sleeve, back and left sleeve to transfer to circular spokes - 314 p. and knit the main pattern, while in the 1st p. adjacent crom. tie with the previous or subsequent loop together the individuals. 306 p. (18 rapports). In the trail. 2nd p. both loops before and after one track of faces. N. to tie together from the south. Such additions are performed 4 times in each 6th lap. P. 126 p. In the trail. 2nd p. to tie 1 p. tracks of faces. p. with the previous loop together the faces. and 2 p. tracks of faces. P. from the trail. loops together stretching (1 p. to remove as persons, 1 persons and stretch it through the filmed p.) 90 p. Through 15 cm q 32 p. from the beginning of the coquette to bind 4 p. handkerchief viscous, while in the 1st p. evenly reduce 6 p. q 84 p. Then knit the collar of the persons. Surface. After 25 cm and 54 p.m. from the beginning of the collar all loops are loosely closed.
Perform side seams and seams of sleeves.

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