Cardigan Free Pattern

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18 Cardigan 
With Openwork 
Design: Lea Petaja 
Dimensions of the finished product: girth of the 
Di-sm, Length-85 (87) 
89 (91) cm, inner sleeve length- 
You will need: Yarn Novita 7 Veijesta 
(750/0 wool, 250/0 polyamide, 300 m/0list g)- 
G Black (099) 
G White (010) and 
G Gray (048) colors

MDM Hook, circular spokes. 
Openwork motif: Knit according to the scheme 
Facial surface: Faces. Ranks-persons. Loops 
IPMs. Ranks-IPMs. Loops. 
Platochnaja Binding: Persons. and IPMs. Series- 
Kolic. Loops. 
Density of Knitting: 20 p. x 25 rows of persons. 
Surface = 10 x 10 cm; 1 openwork motif 
12х 12 cm. 
Motif 1 (SI scheme): White thread Type B 
Humidity p., lock the chain in the ring Conn art. 
First humidity. P. 1-St Row-dial Z humidity. 
P. lifting 1st. Sјn), Vvjazhite 2 art. S/n 
Ring Center, • Dial Z humidity. P., Vvjazhite 
FTA. C/NVCENTRKOLCA • Repeat again 
2 times and Dial Z humidity. P. Change the thread 
On the black and lock a series of Conn. Column 
In the 3rd humidity p. Lifting = 4 groups from art. C, ' N. 
2-nd row-black thread dial 4 humidity. P. 
• Between the groups of art. Sјn the previous 
Row (in a corner) Vvjazhite C art. C,/n + z humidity. 
P. + 3 art. c/N, dial 1 lice repeat 
• 2 more times, in the last corner of the Vvjazhite 
Z Art. + Z Humidity. P. + 2 art. Mn. Change 
On the grey thread and lock a number of Conn- 
COM as the 1st row. The third row is the grey thread of the 
Take the humidity. P. Lifting, untie 2 art. 
(UN between the groups of St. Sјn of the previous 
Number, dial 1 humidity. P., • Vuglovujuarku of 
Z Humidity. P. of the previous series Vvjazhite 3 art. 
C/n + 3 vozd"p. + 3 Art. SL, dial 1 humidity 
PL Vchentralnupoarku from humidity. P. 
Dushhegorjada Vvjazhite3 Art. Yong + z humidity. P. + 
Z Art. P. • repeat • • 
From both sides tie Garter 
Viscous. At height 6 (7) 8 (9) cm divide 
Work on the z part, closing the loops for 
Armholes, as follows: in persons. Row 
Tie 42 (45) 50 (54) persons. P. Right 
Lochki, close the following 8 (10) 12) p. 
For Armhole, tie faces. P. 
Backless. Zakroite Next 8 (10) 10 (12) 
P. For Armhole and tie the remaining 
42 (45) 50 (54) persons. P. Left shelf. Next 
Tie each detail separately. 
Back tie on Middle p., 
Closing for rounding armholes with both 
Their sides in each 2nd row 1 x W p., 
Times x 2 P. and 1 (2) 2 (3) times 1 p. 
= 68 (72) 78 (84) p. At the height of armhole 
17 (18) 19 (20) cm for neck cut 
Close Average 28 (28) 30 (30) p. and more 
Tie each side separately. For the 
Close the rounding cut with the internal 
Sides in the next 2nd row one more times X 
2 p. At the height of armhole (22) cm 
Cover the remaining 18 (20) 22 (25) p. shoulders 
At one reception. The other side of the Gorlovi 
Tie symmetrically. 
Right shelf: tie on the extreme 
42 (45) 50 (54) p., closing with the left stakeholders- 
For rounding armhole in each 2-th 
Row 1 Razhzp, 
1 L. P. At the height of thr- 
We (12) cm for neck cut 
On the right side, transfer to the extra. Sleep 
The Extreme 13 (13) 14 (14) p., set aside these 
Loops. To round the cut, close the 
Polust. S., ' N, 10 art. c/N and 12st. San. Turn 
Those jobs, dial 4 humidity. P. Lifting, 
Tie 14 art. SAN, 10 art. c/N, 10 polust. c/N, 
10 art. B, ' N and C polust. b/N. Cut the thread. 
On the other hand, tie the wedge 
But. Then the upper edge of the 
The details of the persons. Sides on the spokes of black 
Thread Evenly dial 
P. and untie the 1st IPMs. A number of persons. Loops. 
Then tie the faces. Surface. At the height of the 
You 5 (4) 4 (4) cm for bevels sleeves add 
On both sides of 1 p. Repeat the PRIBAV 
0 (4) 4 (5) CM 62 (66) 70 (74) p. 
At the overall height of work 47 (48) 49 (50) cm 
For Okata sleeves close on both sides 
In each 2nd row 1 times x p., 1 time 
x P., 2 times 2 p., 8 (9) 10 (12) times x 1 P., 
1 x 2 P. and 1 Razhzp. Remaining loops 
Close the sleeves at one reception. 
Assembly: Stretch all parts to horizon 
Surface in accordance with the 
Moisten and allow to dry. 
Perform shoulder seams, vshejte sleeves 
In Armhole. Perform side seams and seams 
Sleeveless. On the edge of the neck on the circular 
Spokes with a black thread from the faces. Parties equal To 
Dial 111 (113) 115 (115) p., including 
Tea delayed loops shelves. Tie up 4 
Series Garter, close all loops. 
Hvoj sides in each 2nd row 1 x H 
Rear. P. Previous Rjadavvjazhite 
Times x 2 P. 2 times x 1 p. At the height of thr- 
C/n + 3 humidity. P. + C art. "N, dial 1 humidity. 
P. Change the thread to white and lock 
A number of Conn. Art. In the 3rd humidity. P. lifting. About 
Keep knitting according to the scheme, 
In this 4th row tie the white thread, 5th 
A row is a black thread. 
Motif 2: Knit similar to motive 1 but 
1st row knit with black thread, 2nd row- 
Grey, 3rd row-White, 4th row-Grey and 
The 5th row is a black thread. 
Motive Z: Tie similar to motive 1, but 
1st row Tie Serey Thread, 2nd row-be- 
L0J, 3rd row-Black, 4th row-White and 
The 5th row is a black thread. 
Bottom of Cardigan: Tie Krjuch- 
Total 40 (45) 50 (55) Motives: 13 (15) 
17 (18) Motifs 1 14 (15) 16 (18) Motivov2i 
3. Motives All motives are slightly 
Garment. Connect all the motives between the 
Fight Black thread crochet butt post- 
or connecting Poles, 
Guided by the connection scheme of motives 
According to the selected size. 
Top of the cardigan: on the circular 
Needles on the top edge of the bottom 
Cardigan with faces. Side of the black thread 
Evenly dial the P. 
and untie the 1st IPMs. A number of persons. Loops. 
Then tie the faces. Surface, with the edge 

We are 19 (20) 21 (22) cm Zakroite the remaining 
18 (20) 22 (25) p. Shoulder for one reception. 
Left shelf: knit symmetrically. 
Sleeves: Hook tie 6 openwork 
Holders, 2 PCs. Each species. Connect 
Motifs among themselves 2 pieces wide 
and З PCs. in height. Then the lateral 
Yam resulting details Crochet black 
Thread the wedges to formation the 
Bevels sleeves. To do this, join the 
Those thread Conn. column in the upper left 
Corner, dial 1 (1) 4 (4) humidity. P., then to 
Sizes S and M tie 63 art. 6/N, and for 
Sizes L and XL-63 art. San. Turn the 
Juice, Provjazhite21 polust. 6/N, 10 St B/N, 10 


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