Turtle Dove by Espace Tricot Free Pattern

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Stylish model of a free women's sweater, knitted from mixed yarn. Knitting a model begins with a collar with a rubber band with crossed loops. There are two options for performing the bottom edge: with a rulik and a strap connected by an elastic band. 

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL; 
chest girth (finished product): 47.5 (50.75, 54.25, 57.75, 61); 
freedom of fit 14-18. 

Materials: Woolfolk LUFT yarn (55% merino, 45% cotton, 50 g / 100 m) 7 (8, 8, 9, 10) skeins for the version with rudder on the bottom edge, and 1 skein more for the strip on the bottom edge; spokes circular 6 mm and 7 mm. 

Knitting density: 14 loops = 10 cm stocking knitting 7 mm. 

Description of knitting.

Coquette: type 56 mm (60, 60, 64, 64) on the spokes of 6 mm, put a circle beginning marker, knit with 1x1 rubber band (1 person. Cross, 1 of sec.) 4 ", switch to 7 mm knitting needles and continue : 7 (9, 9, 11, 11) face. Right arm, put a marker, 21 face. Before, put a marker; 7 (9, 9, 11, 11) face. Left arm, put a marker , 21 person. Back p.
Start the partial knitting, for this knit the loops of the right sleeve, front and left sleeve and then start forming a sprout on the back loops. Knit backrest loop until the last. 4 loops in front of the marker, turn knitting, knit out. until the last 4 loops in front of the marker, turn knitting. Next, knit faces. until the last 2 loops in front of the marker, turn knitting, knit out of until the last 2 loops in front of the marker, turn knitting. Knit before the start of the circle between the right sleeve and the front, then perform another 1 circle of faces. 

Formation of raglan lines: 
1 lap: repeat 4 times (increase (1 person. P. For the front and back wall of the loop), person. P. To the last. 2 loops before the marker, increase, 1 person. P.) 
2 circle : lits.p.
3 circle: repeat 2 times (face.p. on the loops of the sleeves, move the marker, increase, face.p. To the last. 2 loops in front of the marker, increase, 1 person.p.). 
4 circle: lits.p. 
Repeat last. 4 circles totaling 15 (16, 18, 19, 21) p., For sizes S and L, knit 3 and 4 circles once again = 37 (41, 45, 49, 53) items for hoses and 81 (87, 93). 99, 105) n. For front / back. In the next circle move the sleeve loop on the add. Knitting needles, instead of them dial 1 new loop, mark it with a marker - side seam. 

Main detail. 
= 166 (178, 190, 202, 214) p. For the version with rudder, continue knitting stocking to a height of 10.5 "from the undercuts of the sleeves, close the loop.
For the version with a strap, first knit 6 (6, 6.5, 7, 8) stockings. Next, knit front and back loops separately with an elastic band as for a collar on 6 mm knitting needles to make cuts on the sides. For the front, knit a 4 "elastic at 80 (86, 92, 98, 104) n., And for the backrest - 5" for remaining. 83 (89, 95, 101, 107) p. Close the hinges according to the figure. 

Transfer pending sleeve loops, raise 1 new loop along the edge of the undercut. Tie 6 "around the stocking circle. Go to the needles 6 mm, perform 2.5" elastic 1x1, close the loop on the pattern. 

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