Knitting Jacket Free Pattern

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Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42 in) the data for the size 40/42 are in parentheses. If only one number is specified, it refers to both dimensions. You will need: 900 (950) G Anthracite color (4) Yarn Lana Grossa BINGO (100% wool, 80 m/50 g); Straight spokes № 5 and № 5.5; 3 black buttons with a diameter of 30 mm; 1 Black button. Elastic 1: Alternately 1, 1 person. Elastic 2: Alternately 2 Izn, 2 persons. Facial surface: Faces. P. – Persons. P., N. P.-N. P. Platelka Mating: persons. and N. P. – Persons. P. Pattern for collar. 1st P.: Persons. P. 2nd and 3rd p.: P. 4th and 5th p.: Persons. P. 6th p.: N. N. The allocated decrease 1: At decrease of 1 p. From the right edge of chrome., 1 persons., 1 Izn., 2 p. To bring together persons.; From the left edge of 1 stretch (= 1 p. Remove as persons., 1 persons. And stretch it through the removed loop), 1 N., 1 persons., Chrome. At decrease of 2 p. From the right edge: Krom., 1 persons., 1 Izh., 3 p. To bring together persons.; From the left edge of 1 double stretch (= 1 p. Remove as persons., 2 p. Touch together persons. and stretch The resulting loop through the removed), 1 N., 1 persons., Chrome. Highlights 2: From the right edge: Chrome, 1 persons., 2 p. Get together persons.; From the left edge of the 2 p. Get together persons., 1 persons., Chrome. Density of knitting. Boards. Knitting, spokes № 5.5:16.5 p. and 32 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Persons. Surface, Spokes № 5:17 p. and 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Gum 1, spokes № 5:25 p. and 22.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm. Backrest: Dial 75 (81) p. on Spokes № 5. Knit faces. And after 14 cm to translate loops on spokes № 5.5. Further knit boards. Viscous. After 24 (25) cm from the beginning of the circuit board. Binding to close on both sides for the Bevi of the Reglane 1 x 1 P., then in each 4th p. Reduce from both sides 13 (11) x 1 P., and then in each 2nd p. Lower on both sides of the 9 (14) x 1 P., performing the allocated decrease 2 = 29 p. 22 (23) cm from the beginning of the Reglan Close the remaining 29 p. Left Shelf: Dial 39 (42) p. On the Spokes № 5 and first knit as a backrest. Run the Reglane on the right side. In 53 (55) SM from the beginning of work to close on the left side for cut of a neck 1 x 5 p., then in each 2nd P. to close 1 x 3 p., 2 х 2 p. and 4 x 1 P. Right shelf: To knit symmetrically left shelf. Sleeves: Dial 54 p. on Spokes № 5. Knit Rubber Band 2, thus in the 1st p. (= N. R.) to distribute the loops as follows: Chrome, 1 N., * 2 persons., 2 Izn., repeat from *, 2 persons., 1., Chrome. After 6 cm in the last one. P. Evenly dial 7 p. = 61 p. Then translate the loops on the spokes № 5.5 and knit boards. Viscous. After 18 cm boards. Knit Knitting Rubber Band 1, and in the 1st p. Evenly dial 39 p. = 100 P. Distribution of loops in an elastic Band 1: Chrome., * 1 izn., 1 persons., repeat from *, 1., Chrome. After 3 SM to start execution of a bevel of a reglan: to reduce on both parties 1 x 1 p., then in each 2-th p. reduce 12 x 1 P., 3 х 2 p., carrying out the allocated Uabavija 1 = 62 p. Further to knit boards. Viscous and for further bevés of a reglan reduce on both sides * in each 2nd P. 2 x 1 P., then in the next 4th p. 1 x 1 P., carrying out the allocated decrease 2. Repeat from * 4 more times. After 53 cm from the beginning of work close the remaining loops. Assembly: Perform the seams of the Reglan. Run the side seams and sew the sleeves. Lower edges of the shelves and backrest to be half inside and sew. On a vertical edge of a shelf to dial 88 (92) p. On Spokes № 5.5 and to tie 6 sm of boards. Viscous. Then translate the loops on the spokes № 5 and tie the 6 cm faces. Surface. Loops close. Put the bar in half and sew. The lath of the left shelf to knit similarly, thus to execute on it 3 double apertures for buttons: 4 p. Close and again to dial in the next row. The first 3 holes run through the 3 cm circuit board. Mating. After 3 cm faces. The surface to run the holes again. The first aperture to arrange on distance of 4 p. From a cut of a neck, the following 2 apertures to place through 9 p. from each other. Pull the bar halfway inside and sew. To fly the holes with an obmetnym seam. Dial on the edge of the neck 144 p. On the spokes № 5.5 and tie the pattern for the collar 6 cm. Then put the loops on the spokes № 5 and tie another 6 cm faces. Surface. Loops are free to close. Pull the collar in half and sew. Sew the buttons. Sew the button to the collar.

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