The narrow skirt of masi knitted with a hook

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Skirt is knitted from six-ball motifs. The dimensions on the pattern can be changed at will. To do this, we must adjust the number of motives in a row. 
We need: 

yarn, 100% cotton (150g per 396m) - 450g; 
Hryucho No3; 
petticoat fabric; 

For the pet you need to link 25 motifs and connect them in correspondence with the pattern. The diameter of one motive is 17cm. 

By placing them in half a diameter in five rows - see the diagram. Connect the elements between the side when tying up the last row. 
After the connection of all motifs, we trim the top of the skirt, filling the slings with a grid of columns with nakida and VP. Binding, using image schema.
The last stage of the design of the top - knit belt. We also perform it according to the scheme. 

Now we move on to shaping the lower edge. On the hem the skirt is tied around the skirt. 

From the fabric we grow a petticoat by the size of the skirt, only shorter, and we sew it on the belt, making two stitches for forming the drawstring. 

B end pulling gum. ‍ ‌‍

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