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Cute crocheted slippers for home slippers. How to knit them - see below.

You will need: 100 g of yarn (100% acrylic) of medium thickness blue. HOOK number 3.5.


Air loop (c. P.): Insert a hook in p., Put a thread on it and stretch it through p. and pull out a new P., grab the thread and knit 2 sts on a hook in one step. Double crochet (Art. C / n): put a crochet on a hook, enter it into a chain and pull out a new p., 3 p. On a hook, knit it in pairs in 2 steps. Double quid column (semi-s / n): put a nakid on the hook, insert the hook into the chain item and pull out the button, 3 point on the hook, knit it in one step. Connecting pole (co-item): insert the hook into the chain, grab the thread and pull it through the chain and the chain on the hook.

Relief column with na-kid, obverse (relief. Senior. S / n, persons.): Knit art. S / n, encircling n. Lower p. with faces. hand on the outside. Relief column with na-kid, purl (relief. Art. S / n, izn.): Knit art. s / n, encircling n. lower p. with izn. parties on the faces. the side. "Raichny step": knit, as with t. B / n. but from left to right, Stop: under the scheme 1. Eraser: under schemes 2 and 3. DESCRIPTION OF WORK Knit 2 parts.
For the foot dial a chain of 32 in. n and knit according to scheme 1. Having finished the 5th p. foot, continue to knit elastic band according to scheme 2, performing a subtraction for the formation of the toe, starting from the 2nd p. as follows: on relief. Art. s / n, closed together, skipping with the 2nd and 4th paragraphs. Repeat these reductions in each river. 15 more times. Then tie 1 p. Art. b / n without declines and continue knitting with an elastic band according to pattern 3, beginning and ending with r, along the center line of reductions. After 4 p. = 2 cm, tie 1 p. Art. - pitchy step-and trim the thread. ASSEMBLY 

Tie the edge of the foot 1 p. Art. "pitch". 

Moisten the slippers and let them dry.

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