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Knitting with a gray cardigan knitting is made with a relief pattern, and patch pockets with small buttons and original loops harmoniously complement it.

To tie a cardigan you will need:
700 g of gray yarn (200 m / 100 g), 6 buttons for fastener, 6 buttons for decorating pockets, needles No. 2, hook No. 3.

The diagram shows only the front rows, in the purl rows all the loops are knit according to the pattern.

The facial surface  - the front rows - persons p, purl ranks - worn p. 
Shawl knit  - and facial and purl ranks - persons p.

Knit the back of the cardigan
dial 96 loop and knit 1 cm garter stitch , then knit the main pattern, distributing the loop between the edge, as shown in the pattern. Having knitted 10 rapports in height, close 3 loops for the armholes 1 times, then in every second row 3 times in 1 loop, then in every fourth row - 3 times in 1 loop. Perform such reductions on both sides of the back. 
To cut the neckline, close the middle 4 loops, finish each part separately, perform the following lowering of the neck: in each 2nd row - 1 time 6 loops, 1 time 5p, 1 time 4p, 1 time 2p.

Left shelf : dial 56 loops - 1 cm with a soft-knit, then the basic pattern of distributing the loops: 
chrome, 12 n garter stitch, 6 n braids, 27 garment stitch pocket, 9 n main pattern, chrome. 
After 2.5 rapport of the main pattern, close the pocket loops and set the loops on the right and left. From the seamy side at the base of the pocket, take out the loops, grabbing them behind the front wall, 27 loops and knit them with the front satin strap 2 rapport, then 0.5 rapport knit the main pattern, lifting the inside of the pocket of the desired height, knit all the pieces together with the main pattern. 
At a height of 9 rapports, we make a neckline - close the left side after the pigtail with 1 loop in each 6 row.
At the height of 10 rapports, we make armholes of the sleeves: close 1 time 4 n, then in each 2nd row - 1 time - 3 n, 1 time 2 n, then in each 4th row - 3 times 1 n.

Right shelf  knit symmetrically left, but do not forget about the 6  holes for buttons . Make the first hole at a height of 1 rapport, the rest every 1.5 motives.

type 46 loops - 5 cm garter stitch, then the main pattern, to a height of 7.5 rapport. For bevel sleeves, perform increments on both sides: in each 6th row - 12 times in 1 p. 
To roll back the sleeve - close at the beginning of each row 2 times 3 sang, 3 times 2, then at the beginning and end of each 2 of the 4th row 4 times 1 loop, then at the beginning and end of each 4th row 4 times 1 n, and again at the beginning and end of each 2nd row - 4 times 1 n, then at the beginning of each row 4 times 3 loops.

Build  run seams. Crochet the bottom of the product and sleeves with crocheted crochet columns. Sew buttons. Decorate the pockets with a chain of air loops at the level of sewn small buttons.

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