Openwork cardigan crochet

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Size (s): S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL 

You will need: 150-175-175-200-225-225 grams of BRUSHED ALPACA SILK yarn (77% alpaca, 23% silk; 25 g. ~ 140 m.) and 250-300-300-350-350-400 g DROPS ALPACA (100% alpaca; 50 g. ~ 167 m); circular needles with a diameter of 6 mm and 5 mm for a handkerchief. mating 

Knitting density: 14 p. X 16 p. individuals. stitch on 1 thread of each yarn = 10 x 10 cm, 

Shawl knit (straight rows): persons. and izn. rows. - persons. loops, scar = 2 rows 

Sample: see diagrams A.1 - A.4. In the diagrams, all rows are shown from faces. the sides 
(!) of the 3rd row of A.2 finish with a crochet, and the 3rd row of A.4 start with a crochet. 

The subtraction is done from the faces. parties
The decrease in 1p at the beginning of the series: 1 chrome. n handkerchief viscous, remove the trail. 1 n. As persons., 1 persons. p., stretch in shot; 
subtraction 1 n at the end of a row: knit up to the last 3 p., 2 p. together of persons. n 1 chrome. n. viscous

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