Women Cardigan Free Pattern

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Dimensions of Cardigan: 32 ½ (36, 40, 44, 47 ½, 51 ½) "On the circumference of the breast. The photo shows the size of 32 ½ ", with a lower ½".

For knitting This beautiful cardigan you will need:
Yarn Fibra Natura Llamalini (25% flax, 40% Royal Lama, 35% silk; 100 meters in 50 grams), cinnamon #110 Cinnamon-9 (9, 10, 11, 12, 13) Motks.

Spokes 4.5 mm and 3.75 mm: Circular length 32 "and a set of the spoke spokes.

Optional: Loop markers (m); Removable marker; Auxiliary Spokes (SC); Hinge holders; Tapestry needle; Hook 4 mm; Auxiliary yarn.

The density of knitting: 17 loops and 24 rows = 4 ", facial smoothness, spokes of a larger number.

Notes for cardigan Knitting:
The knitting of the cardigan is performed in rows with a top-down rotation.

At first, the beautiful collar of the left backrest and the left side of the cardigan are performed to the bottom armlet. These loops are put aside, then rise loops on edge of a set of loops of the left collar, and the right collar of a backrest is executed by the same beautiful pattern on a scheme and the right shelf to the bottom armhole.

The back loops are lifted along the left and right collars and shoulders, and the knitting of the backrest of the cardigan to the bottom armhole is performed.

Then all loops are connected, and the remaining part of a case of a cardigan is executed one detail to the bottom edge. For sleeves the loops on a armhole are raised, and knitting is carried out in a circle from top to down.

Circular spokes are used because of the large number of loops.

Use removable markers for sides and handles.

A set of loops by a method with a failure of a face loop – is similar to a set of loops "a braid", but entering the right needle not between loops, and in an extreme loop, having made from it a front loop.

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