Gray women blouse crochet free pattern

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Dimensions 42/44 (46/48) 

Different data for size 46/48 is given in brackets. If a single value is specified, it applies to both sizes. 

You will need: 

250 (300) g khaki (col. 20) Paradiso yarn (100% cotton, 65 m / 50 g); 
250 (300) g of tan / dark brown / anthracite (color 304) Paradiso Print yarn (100% cotton, 65 m / 50 g) from Lana Grossa; 
straight spokes number 8 and number 9; 
circular needles number 8 with a length of 60 and 100 cm. 

Shawl knitting: persons. and izn. R. - persons. n. in a circle. rows alternately knit 1 circle. R. individuals. n. and 1 circle. R. from P.

Colored plots: knit according to the counting scheme garter stitch with short rows. 1 cell = 1 p. And 1 p. Numbers from the right edge of the marked persons. rows, from the left edge - izn. rows. The icons indicate the type of yarn and knitting technique or they do not matter, see the legend for the counting pattern. In width, perform 1 time loop between arrows a and b (c and d). 

In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 122nd p., While at both edges it will actually be knitted because of the shortened rows of only 74 p. That is, knit rows only of such length, which is indicated by icons in the corresponding row, then knit the row again, with 1 st removed as izn., Thread before work, and tighten it tightly. Then in the 1st solid row just knit all the loops again.

The density of knitting, shawl knitting, needles number 9: 11 n. And 19 p. = 10x10 cm; garter stitch, needles number 8: 12 n. and 22 p. = 10x10 cm. 

Description of knitting a top with a round yoke 

dialing the needles No. 9 with Paradiso Print 62 (66) p. Thread. Then knit colored sections of garter stitch with shortened rows. After the 3rd color section from the typesetting edge or after the 78th row of the counting circuit, continue to knit with needles No. 8. 37 cm from the typesetting edge or after the last row of the counting circuit, knit further with Paradiso thread and close for short raglan bevels on both sides for ., then in every 2nd p. another 4 * 1 p. = 52 (56) p. These loops are set aside for a round yoke. 

Knit symmetrically before. 

On the needles number 8 dial Paradiso 38 (40) p. And knit garter stitch. After 4 cm = 10 p. from the edge of the dial to perform on both sides of the subtracting for raglan bevels as for the front = 28 (30) p. Then these loops are set aside for a cool coquette. 

Round yoke 
Loops of all the parts consistently translate into a long circle. needles number 8, with the loop of the sleeves positioned between the loops of the front and back = 160 (172) p. Knit garter viscous circle. rows Paradiso, while in the 1st circle. a row of everything krom. knit together and at the same time evenly reduce in loops the front and back of 4 p. = 144 (156) p. From the 2nd to the 10th p. knit without a decrease of 144 (156) p.

11th round. .: every 11th and 12th paragraph to knit together persons. = 132 (143) p. Next, knit with Paradiso Print thread. From the 12th to the 15th round. to knit a row without decrease of 132 (143) p. 

16th round. .: every 10th and 11th paragraph to knit together persons. = 120 (130) p. Next, knit a short circle. needles number 8. 

17th and 18th round. Tie the ranks at 120 (130) p. without decrease. 

19th round. .: every 9th and 10th paragraph to knit together persons. = 108 (117) p. 

20th and 21st round. to knit the ranks without a decrease on the 108 (117) p. 

22nd circle. .: every 8th and 9th paragraph to knit together persons. = 96 (104) p. 

23rd and 24th round. ran the ranks without declines at 96 (104) p. 

25th round. .: every 7th and 8th paragraph to knit together persons. = 84 (91) p.

26th and 27th round. rows knit without declines on 91 p. 

28th round. .: every 12th and 13th paragraph to knit together persons. = 84 p. In the next a circle. a number of all loops tightly close. 

Details accurately folded in half, moistened and allowed to dry. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams. When worn, the pullover will extend in length due to the knitting technique by about 7 cm.

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