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Yarn DROPS MUSKAT (100% cotton, 50 g / 100 m) 7-8-9-10-11-12 skeins, 4 hosiery and circular needles 

The knitting density is 
21 loops and 28 rows = 10x10 cm with the front satin stitch / 17 loops and 28 rows = 10x10 cm with an openwork pattern according to the scheme

Raglan: in every 2nd circle knit a trace. way: add 4 points on the back, 4 points on the front and 2 points for each sleeve (= 12 points, loop the sleeves participate in the pattern) - start with 3 loops before each pattern A.2: put on , 1 person. P., Nakid, 1 person. P., Move the marker, 1 person. P., A.2, 1 person. P., Move the marker, 1 person. P., Nakid, 1 person. P. , nakid. Knit nakida faces. P., Which are closer to the markers, so that there are holes, other nakida knit faces. cross loop. To perform additions in such a way another 0-2-3-7-10-14 p.
Add a loop in each circle trace. in a way: 2 points for the front, back and sleeves, start with 2 loops before each rapport according to the scheme A.2: nakid, 1 person. p., move the marker, 1 person. p., A.2, 1 lits.p, move marker, 1 lits.p, nakid. In the next circle nakida knit lits.p. Run additions in this way only 16-15-16-13-12-12 times. 

Note: Cardigan knit in a circle from top to bottom. 
Dial 87-91-95-99-103-107 p. And knit 1 circle of persons. P., Then continue under the scheme A.1, with the latter. circle evenly add 15 p. = 102-106-110-114-118-122 p. Next, knitting start at the center of the back: 17-18-19-20-21-22 lits.p., nakid, 1 lits.p. , nakid, 1 person. p., put a marker, 1 person. p., 11 p. according to the scheme A.2, 1 person. p., put a marker, 1 person. p., nakid, 1 person. p. nakid, 34-36-38-40-42-44 lits.p, nakid, 1 lits.p, nakid, 1 lits.p, put a marker, 1 lits.p, A.2, 1 persons. p., put a marker, 1 person. p., nakid, 1 person. p., nakid, 17-18-19-20-21-22 person. p. Continue knitting according to the pattern and at the same time perform additions in raglan lines (see description above). After that, 1 vert. rapport under scheme A.2 will be performed on the needles will be 242-262-286-314-346-374 p.
In the next circle continue: 38-42-46-52-58-64 n. half back, move the sleeve loop to add. Knitting needles and dial new 8 p. instead, knit loops in front and move the loops of the second sleeve to add. knitting needle, also dial 8 p., finish the circle with loops of the second half of the back. 

Main detail
= 168-184-200-224-248-272 p. Continue knitting with the front satin stitch around the circle, put the markers on the sides (in the center of the newly gathered loops) and after 4 cm from the dividing circle reduce 1 p. On either side of the markers, repeat the decrease circle every 4-4-4-5-5-5 cm only 3 times = 152-168-184-208-232-256 p. 22-23-24-25-26-27 cm add 1 each p. on both sides of the markers, repeat the circle of additions every 2 cm, another 5 times = 176-192-208-232-256-280 p. Through 36-37-38-39-40-41 cm, knit 4 circles with a scarf pattern and close all the loops, tying the 1x1 gum (so that the lower edge of the main part and did not go in waves) = 55-57-59-61-63-65 cm. 

Transfer the pending loops to the stocking spokes and lift along the edge of the yoke 8 p, put the marker in the center of these loops = 53-55-59-61-65-67 p. Now measure the sleeve length from this place. Knit trace. in the following way: 6-7-1-2-4-6 with the front satin stitch, 40-40-56-56-56-56 under the pattern A.3 (start knitting under the pattern A.3 where the pattern A ended .2), 7-8-2-3-5-7 p. Front surface. After 4 cm, subtract 1 p. On either side of the marker, repeat the decrease circle every 7-7-5-5-3-3 cm 2-2-3-3-4-4 times = 47-49-51 -53-55-57 p. (Loops that are not included in the pattern repeat, then knit with the front satin stitch). Through 24-23-23-22-22-21 cm to tie 1 vert. rapport scheme A.1 on all loops, close the loop.

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