Women Cardigan with Jeans

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Cardigan, which combined a regular cardigan and shirt, will become a favorite subject of the wardrobe for girls wearing jeans. And not only jeans, because such a cardigan goes well with things.
The main thing is to choose the right color. 

Designer Stephanie Lotvin.

This cardigan was coined by the designer as a universal thing, which can be worn not only with jeans, but also with a dress or skirt. But mostly of course it's an element of sporting style. His tailoring and a little bit of a non-standard style will appeal to lovers of outdoor walks, dynamic outdoor recreation or romantic dates.

The cardigan is knit from top to bottom with one piece of knitting needles with a facial finish and garter stitch. A large neckline emphasizes the beautiful line of the breast, and three-quarter sleeves will allow you to select thin wrists.

The product fits with the formation of the A-silhouette, which will allow you to visually align the lines of your body, and the rounded bottom edge of the cardigan will hide the excess, without making the figure cumbersome.

The formation of a cardigan is due to successive increments, so you need to be careful at work. The designer advises to mark the points of increments with markers, so that later it would be easier to keep track of the number of increments made and the distance between them.

The instructions also indicate various options for how to make a cardigan longer or shorter, lengthen the sleeves or make them broad or change the collar bar. All this, no doubt, will allow you to get exactly the product that will decorate your figure.

Dimensions XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL). The circumference of the bust of the finished product is 77.5 (86, 96, 108, 116, 126.5, 136.5, 150.5), see the size range is quite large and you can easily find exactly its size.

Pullover is created with an addition to the freedom of clinging 5-7.6 cm.

To work on the product you will need the following materials:

Yarn Sweet Georgia Superwash (100% Merino wool superwool, 234 m / 115 g) 900 (1056, 1212, 1353, 1600, 1737, 1897, 2048) meters.

Spokes 4 mm circular 80 cm long and a set of double-pointed spokes, or the size required to obtain the specified density.

The spokes are 3.5 mm double-sided.

Knitting density: 20 p * 28 p = 10 cm hosiery after locking with large knitting needles.

20 p * 32 p = 10 cm garter stitch after locking with large spokes.

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