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"Things that are handmade are a luxury, everyone does not have to have them, whoever wants to get them - either pays the master for work, or does it himself." Coco Chanel

Dimensions:  S / M / L / XL

To knit a dress crochet you will need: 

450/500/550/600 g of white yarn Bergere de France Coton and Tricoter (100% mercerized cotton, 200 m / 50 g);
hook number 3,5 and number 4;
1 non-removable zipper with a length of 18 cm.

Knit a double thread. 

Used abbreviations
vn - air loop
psn - semicolumn with crochet
ssn - column with crochet

1 shell:  4 ssn, 2 crossed ssn: on the first shell to pass the first 3 cns, 1 ssn to the next cis, 2 vp = 1 arch, then tie 1 ssn for 1 st cn in the 1st of the passed ssn 
1 motif in 2 r:  1 shell in an odd number and 2 crossed ssn in an even number. 

Fantasy pattern: the  number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 1 for the base chain + 3 for the beginning of the 1st p. 
1st person (s): 1 shell in the 6th cd, * skip 3 in, 1 shell in the next in *, repeat from * to *, at the end of the row, link 1 cc in the last in 
the 2nd p. : 2 in, then 2 crossed ssn into each next shell, at the end of the row, connect 1 psn to the 3rd in the beginning of the previous row. 
3 rd:  3 in, then 1 shell in each arch of the next 2 cn, at the end of the row, connect 1 cd to 2 nd in the beginning of the previous row. 
Run 1 time from 1 st to 3 rd river, repeat from 2 nd to 3 rd river.

Pattern from psn: 
1st (faces.) Р .: 1 псн in 3-й вп - first 2 psn, then 1 psn in every following in 
2nd р р. and all the following series: 2 in the rise = 1st psn, 1 psn in the 2nd psn and every next psn 

Knitting density. Fantasy pattern:  24 ссн and 10 р. = 10 x 10, the  pattern of psn:  18 psn and 16 r. = 10 x 10. 

How to Crochet a Crochet Dress

We knit the back of the dress crochet 
Hook No. 4 type a chain of 116/124/132/144 

cn Knit a fantasy pattern, in the 1-rd p. 28/30/32/35 motives = 114/122/130/142 n. 

After 24 cm = 24 p. from the typing edge (Note: All measurements should be made by placing the blade on a horizontal surface!) Reduce 3 x 1 motif on both sides on 6 sides, see diagram = 22/24/26/29 shells = 90/98/106 / 118 p. 

After 51 cm = 51 p. from the typing edge go to hook number 3.5, link 2 in (instead of 1st psn), 1 psn in each of the first 3 cns of the next shell, * skip 1 ssn, 1 psn in each of the next 3 cns *, repeat from * to *, at the end of the series, bind 1 psn to the 2nd beginning of the row = 68/74/80/89 psn  

Next, knit a pattern from psn, starting with the 2nd p. description and adding on both sides 3 x 1 psn in each 6th river / 3 x 1 psn in each 6th river / 3 x 1 psn in each 7th river / 3 x 1 psn in each 7- m. (tie 2 bp (instead of 1st psn), 1 psn in 1st st, then tie the series to the end and at the last point, tie 2 psn) = 74/80/86/95 psn 

After 65/66/68 / 69 cm = 73/75/78/80 p. from the typing edge work to finish. 
We knit in front of the dress crochet 
Knit, like a back. 
Crochet straps dresses crochet 
Hook No. 3,5 dial the chain of 55 in the thread. a pattern from psn, the work is finished. 
Complete the crochet crochet dress
Run the right  dress seam . Then make the seam on the second side, leaving a cut of 18 cm at the top of the dress for a zipper. 
Sew a zipper. 
Sew the straps to the back and forward at a distance of 15/16/17/18 cm from each other.
Crochet dress on the straps. Schemes and description
Crochet dress on the straps is ready!

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