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This variant of raglan is performed from the neck. 

Raglan performance: 1p: 1 nakid, 1 persons. (marked loop), 1 cap. 

3p: 1 nakid, 3 persons., 1 nakid. 

5p: 1 nakid, 5 persons., 1 nakid. 

7r: 1 nakid, 7 persons. (average face. loop = marked loop), 1 nakid. 

2,4,6,8 rows: all loops and nakida knit faces. 

1-8 rows repeat 7 times, at the same time start counting from the marked loop! (Due to the raising of the nakida in each 2nd river, 2 p. Is added!)  

Before starting the execution of the raglan, we mark 4 loops - we divide the back, the sleeves and before. If the product is not closed and you will not knit in a circle (if instead of the front shelf are performed), then the rows 2,4,6 and 8 are wrong.


After completing the raglan applications, backrest loops, front and sleeves are distributed and knit separately. The back and front knit in a straight line (if there is no reduction in the waist), and for the bevels of sleeves to reduce the loop, for example, 1 p. in every 6th row. The length of the sleeves, back and front determines pattern. 

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